Zen Koans

ZazenThis is purely for my purpose of having a single post where I can collect the Zen Koans that I have written so far (and unlike what a friend thought, there aren’t several dozens but just a little over half a dozen). I tend to forget (amongst many things) when I wrote each of them, and skimming through the archives is quite a pain. Another problem is that I have named all of them as “Zen Koan” which makes searching not very pointed.

  1. Zen Koan about love
  2. Zen Koan about being consumed
  3. Zen Koan about the elements and what is
  4. Zen Koan about origin and fame (lemon tree)
  5. Zen Koan about doing versus lame discussions
  6. Zen Koan and Aikido
  7. Zen Koan and the way of the sword
  8. Zen Koan about wanting
  9. Zen Koan about the myriad path to the single destination
  10. Zen Koan about the crux of learning
  11. Zen Koan on Now
  12. Zen Koan on understanding virtue
  13. Zen Koan on Fame


The monk on the wooden panel shall lead you to a glimpse of Truth…

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