That which is innocent, whatever it does, is always chaste; but innocence is not the product of thought.

5 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. Innocence is observation without judgment. Hence it involves only the ‘moment-at-hand’ and not the filtering malicious nature of the past or the anxiety of the future.

    Naivete or gullibility are often-times mistaken as manifestations of innocence. I think to be truly innocent, one has to be truly happy and hence intensely aware.

    Maybe that is why innocence is refreshing and pure.

  2. Gullibility springs from ignorance, and, hence, you are partly right. Innocence too needs that element of ignorance which allows every moment to be a “moment-at-hand” and not an event similar to a past occurrence.

    Does one have to be truly happy? Nope. One can be truly unhappy too, right? One basically needs to be totally vulnerable (to happiness or the other) to receive anything without a “malicious filtering” or an “anxiety of the future”.

    Yes, one definitely has to be totally aware and receptive.

    Pretty nice comment from you.

  3. Why is thought always the villain? Why is that which marks our whole human race as “human” considered to be so artificial in all instances, in all definitions be it of innocence or purity or spontaneity? Cannot thought be spontaneous, free, uncluttered by past or the future or the present? And why this obsession with the present moment, by all philosophers and spiritualists – why this writing off of the past or the future? How is innocence connected to time at all? What is innocence then if not product of thought, is it the product of instinct, of emotions, and all these sources are more wonderful than conscious or unconscious deliberations and decisions taken by virtue of our thought? Why such a value judgement about our great thinking faculty? Why?If my action is the result of an unconscious thought process, is it innocent then?

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