And we shall meet soon…

I will be off blogging for the next 9 days. No, no. Nothing to do with getting bored or finding better avenues of entertainment. I am off on a vacation. Will be visiting Madras (when will I learn? May-July: Madras is a bad place) and Bombay. A good amount of plans in store, but I would be glad (glad? Overjoyed!) if anyone in either place holds a tickling fancy to meet up. Please leave a comment saying so. I am sure we can work out the logistics. I would be meeting some of the bloggers in either city. I am in Madras for 4 days and in Bombay for 4 days (and in the train for 1, although I don’t expect anyone to plan a meet in AS2).

Have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead. We shall meet soon…

9 thoughts on “And we shall meet soon…

  1. Dear W, I searched all through the train (even through S7 where the guy had stuck the AS2 by mistake and let it be). 😦 You love playing hide-n-seek don’t ya? 🙂Dear A, I will, I will, but UK… that’s a far shot for me. 🙂Dear N, I am back… 🙂

  2. Erotome,If you are coming from Hdyerabad, you have absolutely no right to call Madras as bad in May. Exactly on the same day when you set out for Madras, I left for hyderabad. Talk about coincidence. I < HREF="" REL="nofollow">was there<> from 20th to 23th May – it was scorching.May be next time we can sync up our travelling plans…..

  3. Dear D, IT’S EROTEME!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!Hyderabad was bad for 15 days. Now its drizzling occasionally and its bearable heat. Madras was impossible!! No YSR doesn’t pay me for saying these things… I was scared stiff when I reached Hydi 3 years ago. Everyone told me tales about it and its summers! Fortunately for the past 3 years it would rain at the right time and the heat never really killed us. Anyway, I live on top of the hill so temp. is usually low. Apart from St. Thomas Mount (and that really isn’t what it says it is) give me a hill in Madras where it is cooler than the rest of the city!!Most importantly, just because I come from Hydi, doesn’t make Madras any better (for its temp). It still is bad!!! 😉Sure will… I mean sync up! 🙂

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