Musical Tag

I have been tagged by a dear friend who once told me that she couldn’t bother herself with completing tags! 🙂

Your favourite lyricist and the lyrics you remember the most..

Well, I can’t surely pick just 1. I’ll give you 3!
Sahir Ludhianvi Sahab:

Shakeel Badaayuni Sahab:

One of the finest poems sung on the silver screen

Gulzar Sahab:


Your favourite song on friendship:

None, really.

Best song portraying life’s emotions {zindagi se bhara hua,zindagi ke baare mein}:

one song which brings tears to your eyes:

No guesses for the poet’s name!

A song which gives you hope,reason to try again and again,a reason to say that life is beautiful:)

Lemme think a bit… Actually this song is special for more than one reason… 🙂

When you want to be with yourself,silent and content but with music,with song would that be?

I would prefer instrumental here…

If you have to express your love for someone with a song which would that be?

It would surely be very contextual, so I cannot pick just one song. Gimme the context and I could do better than this! 🙂 The following song is candidate:

Maine poocha chaand se

5 songs which you listen to the most?

Pick 5 from the above! 🙂

Honestly, I do not think many people are as involved in blogging as they once were (and that includes me, as well), so I won’t force anyone back in with a tag. Anyone who would love to be tagged, do let me know, and I shall add your name right in here…

9 thoughts on “Musical Tag

  1. GEM of a post if i may say …Music is everything to me…and it’s great to see a tag on it HERE!!Music is the Soundtrack of Life 🙂so…more later(*_*)Uma

  2. Yeh safar bahuth hai kathin magar….na udhas hain …this one keeps me going a fav ..thanks(*_*)Umadon’t you think His voice really suits the song?

  3. Bliss. But greater bliss is to have the love of your life sing to you or recite to you these and other beautiful lines in flawless Urdu. What say? Until then blogs will have to suffice for poor you…:-D# Thanks to Aalapana for the lovely theme for a tag!

  4. Thankyou,I knew i would find wonderful songs here,the one from masoom is my favourite too,i am listening to it right now:)Hmmm,actually when i thought of that question “when you want to be with yourself…..” even i wanted to say instrumental,but its a songs meme and i had to opt for the second best option:)Alapana

  5. Dear S, Yes, he is good. But more than his songs in the movies I like his pure ghazals.Dear U, Anon-U, Yes, music sure is an integral part of life to me too. That song is beautiful and yes, his voice suits it perfectly.Dear P, Well, I make do with what I get! 😉Dear Anon-A, Yes, they are wonderful ongs which one could always listen to…

  6. I cant see the pics and the lyrics. I have to wait for the DSL. Grrrrrrrrrr…….. You’ve written so much in so little time. I’ve left you a comment on the little charecter sketch of A and B. Will get back to this page again when I am properly connected and hope I dont have any more probs !!! Hope to hear from you :-)on my blog.

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