10 thoughts on “Moi DNA

  1. I selected the same image for gross, but I couldn’t stand the thought of seeing that on my screen 😐This is a nice way of getting to know the person behind the screen.

  2. Hi! Eroteme!Never heard of this before.Looks interesting…thanxmore later…(*_*) UmaSofisticat !am sure evryone wants to be one….and you do paint!!

  3. Dear S,I agree that there lies a small window to the person who is usually a lot of bits and bytes and borne on sheer imagination (and I wonder why so many people think I wear glasses!). Thanks to your post!! 🙂Dear P,So now do you believe that this blog can have some light fun stuff too!? 😉Dear Anon-U,Not sure about the true part. Thanks a tonne for sharing your reading, but, if I may be honest, I know nothing about you to be able to validate against my understanding. What the reading says is so general (since San and you are dreamers, are you mostly alike? If you think that is art and you think that is gross, are you for or against sleek well chiseled bodies? etc.) and I am slow on the uptake. 🙂 BTW, I picked the same picture for “My love”, and then thought “Maybe it represents just habit!” (though it is cute to see a loving old couple) and selected the other picture… Nevertheless, a nice glimpse into someone whose works I haven’t encountered and whom I do not know personally…

  4. hi dear E,you are doing just as fine as you did since i visited your blog for the first time…guess i will need to learn a lesson or two from you…the picture gallery is a nice one..very endearing pictures.

  5. Dear A,Wow! It was such a pleasant surprise to find you here! Glad you liked the pictures. Dear tM,Welcome to this blog. Glad you liked it.Dear R,Welcome back. 🙂 Your V-DNA is sorta clipped on my browser. We have, I think, 1 image in common! 🙂

  6. Hi Eroteme!A belated reply to…Thanks for taking your time to reflect on my V DNA link.haha…well…human body itself is a magnificient piece of Art…[ but some over do it 😦 ]The selection is based on the images made available by Imagini…agree?May be the selection depends on one’s mood to some extent?Yes, i do not know you personally…but when i read your expressions …they leave an imprint on my mindHope you are having a great day…(*_*) Uma

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