Been ages since I wrote in urdu. This is what happens when one forgets the kiss of one’s beloved. Translations only help to debunk the original! 😦

Teri yaad-bhari koochey se guzartey to kya hota?
Chand ghadi dhadkane thamm jaatey to kya hota?

What would have happened if I passed through the roads paved with memories of you?
What would have happened if my heart stopped beating for some time?

Pila pilakar lagzish-e-mastaaney par hansaa saki
Nashe ki aakhri qatra na pilatey to kya hota?

Endlessly filling my cup, the bartender enjoyed my staggering drunkness.
What would have happened had he stopped at that last drop which got me intoxicated?

Kisi aur se ishq ka jo tuney baar ha iqraar kiya
Aye kaafir, teri woh baat na suntey to kya hota?

When you repeatedly confessed your love for someone else
Dear one, what would have happened had I not heard those words of yours (to him)?

Teri har lahzah se niyyat nahin bharti lekin
Dum-e-aakhir se pehle aanh bhartey to kya hota?

Every coquettish glance of yours left me wanting more
What would you lose(happen) if you did sigh but once before I breathed my last?

“Aaftab”, shaayad uss yaawari se aabaad bhi hotey.
Gar haqeeqat ko khwaab bana letey to kya hota?

“Aaftab”, perhaps you would have been happy in your life with her.
If you turn reality into dreams then what would have happened?


8 thoughts on “If

  1. Dear P,Yes, but I am not sure about the amazing talent part… it is not the finest, but something to get me out of my slumber.Dear S,🙂 Please, please don’t go. If you hang around long enough, I can assure you a good ghazal. This one is just so-so…

  2. Dear Eroteme,Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Never quite imagined that your writing transcends the boundaries of the technicalities of different languages too!Here’s one more:” Tasveer banai hai par aks nahi milta, dil ki kitab ko koi shaks nahi milta, firte rehte hai vo zamanne ki talaash mein, bas hamare liye hi unhe waqt nahi milta”

  3. don’t be modest, i’m fairly certain by now (as i’ve been reading for some time) that you are a very creative writer and there’s nothing i read here that averages just a so so post. Some of us are fortunate to have that talent while others will have to suffice with appreciating the talented ones.

  4. Dear M,Copy paste!? 😉 Thanks once again… I loved the sher you quote.Dear S,Hope the reason for speech loss is a good one! 😀Dear S,When I was younger and wiser I used to toss my head to the firmament (oh! everything in life lends itself to drama) and say: “Modesty is another word for dishonesty”. I don’t do that anymore, but still believe in it! 🙂 I am glad you enjoy reading the posts in here… How’s the new job?

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