A stray thought

Does this scribbling (taken from my notebook) make any sense?


11 thoughts on “A stray thought

  1. Dear Eroteme,I see math scribbles!What are you on next? Quadratic equations?I Bet a <>shayari<> on them would be interesting to read 😉Hmmmm.. It seems like you fumbled upon the ‘multiply by 3’ series, leading to the holy numnber 108..after which you attempted to (quite decently, I must say) write 36 in hindi..after which you tried some word puzzle (8dictions), which I think points to your <>‘addiction’<> with numbers at some point in life 🙂So, did i get it all figured out? 🙂

  2. I can see mathematical calculations…so you are going to explain something about maths in your next post probably….go ahead…looking forward to it…

  3. Dear M,Shayari on mathematical equations? 😀 hahahaha that can be funny and/or interesting. I am surely not going to try that… Hello! I have learnt hindi enough to write numbers properly! How is it a multiply by 3 series!? 18 * 2 = 36, right? I have always loved numbers (care to read this post? http://inagardencalledlife.blogspot.com/2005/09/anthropomorphic-numbers.html)Dear R,🙂 Math scares so many people that I often wonder whether it is Math or the people who tried to teach it to us…Dear P,Why a separate post? I will surely put it up here in the comments section… Just wanted to invite people to guess something! Indeed it starts with math calculations, but then there was something else I did and then something else that I realised!! It took me a while to figure out why I had written all of this (I forget what I write and why!) 😮 This was written at least 6-8 months ago…

  4. Nothing very coherent, but let me try.. 🙂1) perhaps you have tried to see how the number 36 when written in Hindi, is a set of mirror images..2) Then you have tried to see how 8 is also made of two halves that are mirror images of each other?3) 3+6, 1+8, 1+0+8, all add up to nine.. perhaps you’ve contemplated the existence of a ninth direction ( but we know of of only ashta-dik)? hence the 1 along the side..?Do let us know. 🙂

  5. Hello…I wanted to get some info on JK a few weeks back and I chanced upon ur blog …ur lang is superb and the posts are interesting !I tried this calculation and cld go only so fargot the sequencethe circled no.1 denotes 1st stepthen u put the hindi number 36 under the second number in the seq.hmm then could the 8 below that be the digit 4 in hindi ?or is it a combi of 8 and 9 in hindi..this is where I am stuck 😦After that did u get reminded of some hindi proverb or song that talks of 4 or 8 directions… ?sorry my hindi knowledge is zero 🙂BTW, is the number 45 included too?

  6. Dear P,Allow me to say: brilliant!! You got the closest to what I was trying to capture then. Actually, when you slide each of the numbers in 36 (Hindi) over the the other, you get 8 with 2 tails at the bottom!! 😀 I didn’t know what to do with the 8 and wrote what first came to my mind: 8 cardinal directions. The (1) refers to something else on the page (as does the 45 and a few other symbols (like I was trying to draw a Ganesha by starting with the uppercase G and then extending it) on the page). The only numbers that would be of interest are the numbers in the centre of the picture. But yes, you got closest to it. Lucky someone, to have an intelligent lady like you! ;-pDear SV,Welcome to this blog. Glad you liked the post in here… 🙂I hope my response to Pingu’s comment helps you understand what I was driving at (frankly, nowhere, but still…).

  7. Very interesting interpretations…by the way i know that ramanavami series would begin bangalore…..i am in chennai currently…well not too sure if i can make….but anyways thanks for your comment…:)

  8. good god eroteme! what profound comments for that! i am most amused with this post!!! well tell us what on earth you scribbled actually!

  9. Hi! Eroteme!Okay, now that the commenting is over here…i better say how wrong i was in thinking that the 8 directions and the 45 somehow are a clue to the 8 directions of the Devanagari strokes….Btw, i do remember your beautiful verses on Goddess Saraswati…Have a nice day (*_*) UmaStudied Sanskrit for 5 years…but just like other interests[veena ,tanjore etc] of mine…never mastered it 😦

  10. Dear P,Madras, eh? I wonder why would anyone be in Madras during these months! 😮 Dear S,“Actually” is a notion I never seem to understand. 🙂 I think there is this initial idea when I do something (including writing) and then there are ideas, influences, memories that keep seeping into the original transforming it into something which disallows any investigation into “actually”. So, in short, the best I recall of what was done is as mentioned in my response to Pingu’s comment.Dear Anon-U,Commenting never ends!! 🙂 Probably that line of thought also makes sense. Glad you recall those verses, although they were not <>on<> the Goddess, but dedicated to her. I am not good enough to write on her! 🙂 I studied Sanskrit for a similar duration but kept myself engrossed in it, as I like the power behind rendering stotras and chants. I don’t recall whose blog had this discussion about whether one should strive to be a master or be a jack-of-all… Personally I prefer the latter as it allows me to see the breadth of this world and their wives (oh! don’t take the word breadth literally here ;-).

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