A character introduces the writer

Are you sure?
You truly wish to see all of this?
Fine. Walk straight in. Let us all stand atop this table. Don’t worry, Sir, the beams are higher above. Let me help you, Ma’am. Good. Are we all comfortable?
What we see here is not an attic. It might look like one. Yes, ma’am, you can hold on to those beams. No spiders out there or anywhere.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Travis and this is where Eroteme creates his characters. There isn’t much truth in that, though. Do you see there? Beyond those chairs? That is where he keeps the character sketches of all his relatives. A personal area, tickets are priced higher than the usual tour costs.
Let us move over to the red lamp. Notice the desk used while studying his classmates in college. Ebony. Hard. 17th century. Do not ask me why the lamp is red. He keeps loads of files about his friends and, uh, what should I call them, ummm…., non-friends! This is where he keeps notes about his friends and non-friends from school and college. The dusty files contain not very interesting people. One wonders how he made so many friends. It seems he was a man on a mission. He had to collect different character sketches.
Whatever goes on in there?An inside source tells me that Eroteme would befriend some strange people merely to study them closely. He doesn’t agree with that, but so didn’t Dick Tracy when he went undercover against those you-know-who. Anyway, Let us move to that green desk.

Do not laugh at the yellow and pink polka dots, Sir. Kids love them. I laughed at them too. Eroteme seems to know more about kids than I do. This shelf about kids is the largest out here. I would say these records are the only ones without a personal touch from Eroteme. He says that kids are too damn good to be judged or psychoanalysed. They are too clever, he says. He spends an hour, at the least, with them in the playground or school. No, Sir, he is single. He loves kids, that is it.

That dark corner without a lamp houses a purple desk. Characters from there are never known or seen by Eroteme. They just decide to spring out.

Oh! Not again. Do not worry ma’am. The rumbling is just another idea coming in. Rarely does one get to witness this. To me it is quotidian. This one is for me. You won’t find me in the next tour out here. I might be in some story that this rumbling heralds. Have a nice day, and before you leave, drop your tickets in the recycling bin out there.


7 thoughts on “A character introduces the writer

  1. Yet another brain-storming, absolutely unique in nature, singular post by non other than our dear Eroteme.Sorry to swear, but man how the hell do you do that?!Amazing.. I had so much fun taking this ride inside the cosmos of your thoughts. You have an extraordinary imagination. Keep going at it Eroteme!So, in which zone do you archive and nurture your blog commentators? 🙂

  2. Hi Travis!Thanks for the tour.Really enjoyed it.BtwJust dropping my ticket in the recycle bin.You too Have a fantastic daySHHhhh let me not disturb Eroteme(*_*) UmaThis definitely is extra-ordinary !Ebony. Hard. 17th century?May be He will tell us about it in another post!

  3. Dear M,Glad you like it. 🙂 How do I do it? Frankly, I don’t know. I simply enjoy writing and the words. So it just keeps coming on… That some of them are good enough for your attention, is sheer apropos. I think this was written about 4-5 years ago. I woke up today thinking of it and hence hunted it down for this blog. Had to make a few changes though. Hence, zoning in people was a thing of the past, and would I be rude to lock dear readers in nice file!? BTW, I hardly know few of the readers (most of whom have stopped reading/commenting) of this blog, so I really wouldn’t have much to sketch about them…Dear Anon-U,🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. I still drool over ebony/mahogany furniture!! 🙂 You have no clue to the number of sketches and plans I make for desks and tables…

  4. 🙂Little pockets of delight, large oceans of wisdom, beauty, life, its good and bad and the ugly, playfulness, humour, drama, children, love stories (the last seem to draw your readers like honey does bees :-D) – your Travis has missed out on lots of bigger and smaller cogs while taking us on this joyride.An appropriate alt for the image would add to the whole feel of the post…

  5. Apropos to this, I am reminded of the slightly opposite situation in Woody Allen’s “Deconstructing Harry”, where all Harry’s characters keep jumping out constantly in his reality, as close replicas of people he knew, destroying all his life’s various relationships.

  6. Come on Eroteme.. words say so much about people, don’t they?So start sketching now.And from what i have noticed, your blog readers have definitely increased. Getting popular, eh? 🙂

  7. Dear P,Updated the image! Travis was giving a tour as per the ticket price!! ;-p Thank for reminding me about Woody Allen’s piece. He does spin wonderful tales…Dear M,Words probably do reveal a bit about a person, but I would never go beyond the “interesting”/”not interesting” bit into more detailed analyses of a person based on their writing. I have seen so many people try to guess my mind’s cha-cha-cha based on my posts!! Doesn’t work, milady. Actually the blog readership fell drastically to near zero and seems to be rising now… It was much more about a year or so ago… 🙂 But as Tennyson said, < HREF="http://www.wussu.com/poems/alttb.htm" REL="nofollow">“Men may come and men may go, but I go on for ever”<> Not sure about the forever part, but hey! I’ll go on till I last!! 😀

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