What colour is this blood?

And this is what the world has come to...

What I had heard
Was Denver’s land –
Dusty (I had thought dusky).
An idyllic expanse
Where people sat on fences
With a twig in their mouth,
And strumming guitars.

What I hear now
Is the trickle of blood
And the silent
As people cry
For Ryan and Christopher
And Reema.
While their family
Stare silently
Into a future without them.

I never knew
Blue Ridge Mountain.
I never knew
Austin Cloyd
Never will.
But I know that
The Blue Ridge Mountains
Can’t match her pretty tresses.
Or Brian’s toothy smile.
But it does mirror
The hard reality of

What has this world come to,
When a young man
Is given a gun
But no guidance?
What are we being
Educated to become?

While governments
Are interested in warheads
And votes,
And news channels
In maximum coverage,
Let us spend a minute
Nay, a lifetime
In praying for those who died
Before they could live
The full life
They might have dreamt of.


4 thoughts on “What colour is this blood?

  1. Greetings! Eroteme!..your post is touching a chord. It is Earth Day 2007 and one of the things we seem to have mastered is to destroy ourselves… 😦Humanity is my religion(*_*) Uma

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