Will you ever know?

What shall he ever know, who has never drunk in the nectar of love!?


11 thoughts on “Will you ever know?

  1. I liked the interchange of idea’s on that one. I just thought I’d say that, because in the text medium it is sometimes easy to misinterpret the tone or intention behind words in conversation. I re read what we were writing in the comments and thought it looked a little belligerent and I wanted to clarify I did not mean it that way. I enjoyed the exchange of thoughts and appreciated your suggestions and questions 🙂

  2. No, I think I’ll never know what brings the bees to the flowers, what brings two people together in that one fleeting moment of togetherness or what separates them with one tweak of the elastic threads of fate. But I do know something about love.. and that is, it is eternal :the only thing constant and worth living for in the din of confusion that we call ‘life’.

  3. Dear R,Glad you found it so. No, I wouldn’t misinterpret anything! 🙂 I say what I have to, and you say what you have to! BTW, I check your blog for your replies to my comments!! 🙂Dear M,God blessed this earth with souls like you who believe in love!! 😀 I suppose people like me will only make the din of confusion louder! 😉

  4. dil ke armaan.. as u say.. 🙂the pic is open to interpetation.. as you intended i guess.. 🙂btw, do you know, the bee population has dwindled to less than a fifth this year.. eighty percent of bees are missing.. which is actually a big cause of concern..Einstein had observed that if the bees go, the world would end in four years, since they do the major part of pollination, so.. it is not abig stretchof mind to imagine that. the effects are already visible..ps: sorry to .. um.. revert to more practical matters. 🙂

  5. Dear M,Glad you liked it… I agree with you.Dear mr,Yes, that was the intention. I read about the same a while ago. I also heard that mobile/radio frequencies are confusing them and making their usual home-flower-home trajectories corrupted and hence leading to more confusion. Very sad. I think human beings excel at destruction!

  6. thats a powerful statement by mummun .. “love.. and that is, it is eternal ” .. boy it’s always refreshing being reminded so confidently that love exists.nice shot.

  7. Interesting, cannily/deeply perceptive of you to have combined the concept of Knowledge that is of the mind, and that of Love which seems to be of the emotional being. # Reminds me of a dialogue between Savitri/Love and Death” in “Savitri” by Sri Aurobindo:Savitri:Iam, I love, I see, I act, I will.Death:Know also. Knowing, thou shalt cease to love And cease to will, delivered from thy heart,So shalt thou rest for ever and be still,Consenting to the impermanence of things.”But Savitri replied for man to Death:“When I have loved for ever, I shall know.Love in me knows the truth all changings mask.I know that every being is myself,In every heart is hidden the myriad One.”#I think Munmun has grasped this Eternal Divine truth about Love for herself; but I think that we should be wary of the time when we map the divinity of love on to human beings, and assume that they are eternal and forever. Woe lies that way! People change and change, and for our love for them not to go the same way of fickleness, I dont see any method or process but to focus on the Divine in every being. Otherwise the way to resolve this issue of eternal love and changing recipient/giver of love is a blind alley, methinks.

  8. Dear P,Very true… 🙂 Thanks for the quote from Savitri. I suppose Munmun’s insight has earned her few fans! 🙂 Yes, I think she did capture an essential facet of love…

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