Ye Raat Ye Chandini

Such a night, such moonshine (shall we ever see) elsewhere?
Pray listen to the heart’s tale.

On the boughs a drowsy moonlight
Lost in your thought a moonlight
In a while tired, it shall vanish
This glorious night never to return
For a moment or two is the life of this tapestry
Pray listen to the heart’s tale.

On the lips of waves rest a dulcet tune
In the moist breeze blazes a fire
Come and enjoy burning in this fire
And change the tune of life’s melody
Set free the tongue of your heartbeats
Pray listen to the heart’s tale.

Beauty shall pass and youth shall well
In the shadows of stars shall remain our tales
If having beckoned you should they leave
Never will they return those infidels of Spring (the prime of life)
Come, for life is still young
Pray listen to the heart’s tale.

(Wouldn’t it be better had D-A strummed the guitar a shade more convincingly? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ye Raat Ye Chandini

  1. Nostalgia in all its tantalising components – this is a song I hear late into the night from a distant transistor’s Vividh Bharati station (in this age of ipods ;-))belonging to the watchmen of farther buildings…and it never fails to take me to the unlived bygone era of goodness simplicity and golden unambiguous virtues…Thanks for the translation. It is like the original itself, the words are simple, as is the melody of course…

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