I am sure you think it silly that I do, but for reasons that are best not told (for constructing them from within the labyrinths of my mind is not the most joyous exercise), I feel I should apologise for being lackadaisical about the management of this blog and breaching the blogger mense. I hope to be back in action starting today (well, I just finally got my broadband connection at home and… well, I said I wouldn’t go there, right?). Hope you like what you get to read here…

3 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Good that you had given a link to your prev post. That was truly well written. and that i had got to ur blog thru bloghopping, I very well have heard about ur writing and more so I actually check for new posts from u..welcome back and keep writing…

  2. That’s a lot many posts on a single ‘thank god it’s friday morning!’ # The consistent feature of your writings in this blog over the years, is their never-diminished quality of thought, style, the choice of varied subjects, and a power and passion that automatically imbue whatever you write. Keep it up.Where ARE the great commenters of yore, Eroteme? They made your posts all the richer, your blog all the more vibrant and a jolly place for lively/lovely mental chatter…I especially enjoyed Wookie’s, Meera’s, Amrita’s and Anupama’s thoughts in your past blog. a great pity that Blogging-Ennui sets in and blogs as a whole lose out… # Despite your claims otherwise, you have been writing frequently and well, if not at accurately regular periods. anyway, all good intentions are widely welcome, if only to pave the road to hell 😉# Let’s see what gives…………

  3. Dear S,It is flattering to learn that someone actually checks for my posts. Thanks. Hope this blog didn’t disappoint you with the recent hiatus. Glad you liked the linked post. Those were the golden days of blogging as Parvatiji also notes.Dear P,Glad to see that someone beat you to commenting this time. It always amazes me to note that you manage to comment first on the posts! 🙂 Glad you like and enjoy what this blog has to offer. It is an honour that I get to keep the password to this account!! 😀 I am not sure where the commentors have gone. Indeed, those were wonderful days when the interaction over blogs was spectacular and enriching. Now, I think most of them are married or caught up in other matters of life as life alone can serve. I wonder what lies in store for me in the coming days/weeks/months/years when work and life start overtaking the rightness I find in writing and writing on this blog… Every journey is but a stride long, albeit a myriad of them…

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