Bangalore Barcamp 6 (April 2008)

I know this is shabby work and I have no excuse beyond the fact that my fingers don’t seem to type out “Blogger” in the address bar anymore. I hope they will get over this phase and let me return to my regular (?) posting. Till then, I wanted to share the fact that the logo I designed for Bangalore Barcamp 6 received the highest votes!! Here it (this is a highly modified version of what I had designed. Check out the main logo page to see what I had actually done!) is:

So different from what I had actually designed!

3 thoughts on “Bangalore Barcamp 6 (April 2008)

  1. Congratulations! Will they actually make your diminished-logo as their official one for this year?Don’t let availability or non-availability of time or laziness or general ennui to stifle the free flow of your unbounded and extremely superior creative talents. Just sit at the table and create in every way that you are capable of. You will be enriched by that activity and your readers/beneficiaries (as in this Bar Camp people) will be too.Best wishes for all else that you may do in life..– A Granny Goose 😀

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