Devil’s Handiwork

“Father, I wish to confess…”
“My son, no man is above sin.”
“I don’t think it was sin for it was such a beatific moment. There she stood near Mary’s shop…”
“The florist?”
“Yes, and the flowers gossiped about what I lost myself to. Those flowers who readily gave their finest shades to her… to her cheeks, gossiped about my insane attraction.”
“The flesh is the strongest Devil and…”
“Not the flesh, but her cheeks… listen to me Father, for my sin is to have held this in my heart too long. She stood there grasping the wicker basket to her breasts which are still the slightest rise from her ribs, but how the basket breathed with her. But my eyes returned to her cheeks. Aaah! Such a splendid sight it was. So utterly soft and succulent. They were so … so tender. Her hair tried their best to scar it with their wanton sway, but lost their vile ways upon contact and gently slid their sinuous fingers gently from where her lower lashes ended to where her chin turned towards a more delicate neck. Aaah! I could see the throb of life against those cheeks, and so pure were they that a drop of Heaven’s purest milk would pale in comparison. The air stood to watch the satiny down of them and kissed her so lightly. And when she blushed… aaah! I cried and cried at the sight of such Taste thisbeauty, when the flowers vied to offer their finest colours to her. So soft… so full of life, and with each step they gained a life of their own and moved oh! so gently, and my heart learnt then why it beats and to whose rhythm. A slight jiggle as earth and heaven tugged at those cheeks for themselves … hardly noticeable were it not for the thumping in my breast. Imagine running my trembling finger over Heaven’s softness and hardly feeling the peach of her skin… such a lovely gossamer, so lovely a face and those cheeks… aaaah! I was feverish to hold them in my hands, hands that I knew could only destroy them, but so blessed would be those hands… to slide my nose from her jaw up to her where her brow vanished and the lovely colours of a virgin maiden spring… to place my tongue against it and draw life’s nourishment from it… to…”
“Stop it Joseph! You are possessed. I have never known the Devil to grasp so tightly and so quickly.”
“But those fair cheeks…” and Joseph smiled.
“Enough. I order you to confine yourself to your room for the next week. You must read the Psalms throughout the day and …”
Joseph rose as if in a daze and walked out.
“Joseph… Joseph… listen to me…”
Joseph kept walking but before he stepped out of the church he turned around and looked at the enormous cross on the farther end of his path. He saw Him nailed to the cross and saw His cheeks. He shook his head and smiled.
“It is such an irony that only the Devil can reveal the beauty of Your creation.”


13 thoughts on “Devil’s Handiwork

  1. Found this post’s beauty quite irresistible. It pulls me constantly to this blog today…1. Very beautifully written, of course. As always, this fact goes without saying…2. The problem comes with the decided and marked distinction /demarcation in many religions and paths of spirituality of everything on Earth being either of God, or of the Devil. This in itself is very highly suspect as a theory…3. Besides the demarcation itself being there, the worse issue is the absolute conviction that all that delights or pleases one’s senses, one’s mind is of the Devil – this fairly damns a whole world of Beauty, Music, Art etc etc, and leads to a fairly poverty struck cloistered life among the practitioners of these sacred paths.4. The new profile image of a feather of Eroteme is both ordinary (because of the plain blackness of it), and unique too (because the way the feather is shaped in twirls or whorls or whatever – what’s the right word, Wordsmith? – is quite perfect!..)

  2. may I just add that until the last sentence, I assumed this was an extended advert for Pond’s ‘googly-woogly-woosh’ face cream. 🙂Exquisitely written.

  3. @Antickpix: Hahahaha! How is it that that way of looking at this exquisite post never occured to me? Trivialisations apart, I am transfixed and caught by the said exquisiteness and sublimity of the content and style of the writing…Bordering on melodrama – I would give my right hand to write like this! Sigh…

  4. Dear P, Thank you… I suppose the questions you raise are the ones every century of thinkers present to themselves and the world… Glad you like the image! 🙂Dear A, Merci! 🙂 Glad it was to your liking…Dear A, 😀 Coming to think of it… you might be right! ;-pDear P, Offering your right hand to Goddess might be worth it if you write with your left! 😉

  5. Dear E, I do write with my left hand, hence the sly lie-filled offering of my right to the Goddess 😀No wonder I am punished with such poor permanent writing-form 😦

  6. *Cheek in the mouth* … *still wondering how to put in words that which is in my head* … <><>“It is such an irony that only the Devil can reveal the beauty of Your creation.”<><>It sure is an irony to note that it takes a non christian to bring out a very important virtue – Identify the root of all problems – Lust.AH! Dont blame it on the devil. Please. He did nothing. Man / woman, is so vile. It was your eye which beheld the beauty of the woman and it was your own heart beating within your own breast which lusted after her.(Same with woman) Wherin does the devil come here? Poets and writers they could be devil’s henchmen or God’s messengers. To so succinctly put into words man’s greatest flaw and also let us know that a sunken hollowed cheek pathetically hanging on the cross now no longer holds the conscience of man accountable … To so beautifully state that the lure of the devil is magical, mysterious and not so frighteningly ugly like it mostly is portrayed …This year you’ve begun with a very bold statement – There’s a choice – To either recognize the beauty of God’s Creation, respect it and take good care of it (or)To recognize it and exploit it, then blame it all on the devil! I maintain – The devil does nothing. *Peace* Apart from that insight above – LOVED reading the whole thing. No teething problems foreseen in the near future and hopefully in the distant future too 🙂

  7. As I read your lil story; I was thinking of something … else … was able to write it out; and it’s now in < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> my blog <>. Would love to hear from you 🙂

  8. Dear L,What you raise is a valid point but I fail to see what that has to do with my being non-christian! 😮 Checked out your blog post too…

  9. Ah! the fact that we Christians are drilled withall the virtues and yet end up the way we do! I find many Christ like virtues in non Christians more! So, how’s the neew year treating you?

  10. For some strange reason this post was in my drafts with no comments associated with it. I wasn’t even sure whether I had ever posted this or not. Honestly, it looked like a new post to me. The draft date was some time in 2006. I was sure I had never posted it (like the many drafts I have) and hence posted it only to find comments already existing for this post… 😦

  11. Poor Eroteme. What’s with you? – I was eager to read a new post and remembered it to be an old one in the second sentence of the start. And you the writer don’t know your own writings? Or when you posted what?Interesting to see such detached state with regard to such good writings; anyway enjoyed it once more…

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