What may this drop bring?
Myriad fathom fallen and wet
Will it sprout a rose, pink
Or join many to a rivulet?

What worlds in it held?
A child’s thirst quenched;
A leaf’s sere dispelled;
Fall from eyes clenched.

Oh! A shy pearl’s reflection!Life giving wetness
Why leave heaven’s manor
For worlds where black mansions
Cage souls none the whiter?

How shall I preserve you?
How shall the wetness stay?
No rock so hard to hold you through
No silk to hold your sway.

No arm to hurl you back above
No ropes to pull the skies down
No pure heart to make an alcove
For your simple Truth’s renown.

So why fall on my palm
And make sinner of me?
Please rest in the calm
Of heaven reflected on sea.


5 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. Aaaw! Quite the master, aren’t you?The whole poem is lovely, I especially liked No arm to hurl you back aboveNo ropes to pull the skies downNo pure heart to make an alcoveFor your Truth’s renown.and the following lines too-.Fall from eyes clenched..Oh! A shy pearl’s reflection!Why leave heaven’s manorFor worlds where black mansionsCage souls none the whiter?.No silk to hold your swayTime may elapse and your prose ideas and style may or may not be ever perfect, but where poetry goes you are king night or day, this decade of the next. Again, there is an ease of style and presentation and of course a profundity and beauty of thought which make this poem too a joy forever…# And the picture is, even independent of the post, extremely beautiful!

  2. Dear AR,Welcome back. Glad you liked the post. I tend to look for pictures which are related to the post by a rather tenuous thread of connection. Having a post and a picture which are otherwise disconnected helps me win my case for a patent I filed on image search!! 😀 In this post, though, I searched for slightly related words.Dear P,Glad you liked it. You do not like my prose? 😦

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