Sonnet – 8 Justice

Bound to fairness

Hold in my palm and sip silently so
A million cunning plots laid bare thereby.
Truth’s sweet flavour is of other marrow
Than unworthy gains usurped on the sly.

When twisted sabres cleave on foolish touch
With Goodness’ unbending shadow’s measure,
In joyous leaps, I revel in Providence’s clutch;
Where knaves cast out and honesty treasured.

Yetย on this Earth but ephemeral is joy
Where wicked minds wield sinuous tongues
Flaying benign souls with black human ploy
And void cores clambering on falsehood’s rungs.

A life is not one where Justice forsook
And men in guile’s garb, filial bonds brook.

3 thoughts on “Sonnet – 8 Justice

  1. # Long time! A very heartfelt and extremely psychologically enlightening sonnet – maybe because of its subject itself being so lofty and of the truth.You truly write poetry and especially sonnets with a great ease and felicity of style – as I have indeed mentioned it in this blog many a time! – and that is a true delight, as is the end product which is a perfect gem. I had been reading your sonnets just now along with Shakespeare’s most appreciated and better renowned ones, and may I say that your sonnets have a sweetness and honesty of emotion when they are about love that Shakespeare’s lacks but retains his exalted greatness when they are about other subjects like truth, life, death or justice.# It is wonderful to know that in this world and this blog world, a writer exists that creates poems and sonnets that are of such excellence and are comparable to that of Shakespeare’s compositions. A great achievement indeed! – keep it up!# My favourite is the second stanza, because the imagery of the twisted harmful sabres of lies and injustice, breaking into two ineffectively, at the touch of even Goodness’s shadow, let alone the whole of Goodness, is splendid!The rhyme is lovely too, and it is good to read out aloud –‘When twisted sabres cleave on foolish touchWith Goodness’ unbending shadow’s measure,In joyous leaps, I revel in Providence’s clutch;Where knaves cast out and honesty treasured.’# The following line too is striking and powerful in its impact and tone and meaning. I liked it too.‘……and void cores clambering on falsehood’s rungs.’

  2. Dear P,Glad you liked it. I am honoured that you would even indulge my sonnets by juxtaposing them with Shakespeare’s. I would still think that S’s poetry is way beyond my league. The sheer fabric and soul of his sonnets is of another plane. Glad that there is a stanza to your liking… ๐Ÿ™‚Dear M,Welcome to this blog. I am not sure whether you did or not find it lovely. Nevertheless, thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

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