Secular, aren’t we!

Please read this

I am not sure the article says anything about a communal clash or inter-tribe clash or the “typical” ones between forward caste and backward castes of India. Then what I don’t understand is the title “Dalit youth killed in police firing near Uthapuram”. Would the killing have been ok if he wasn’t Dalit? Had he been an Iyer boy, would the title be “Iyer youth killed in police firing near Uthapuram”? I doubt it. I don’t understand why the media presents news in such a lopsided manner. Such pieces will go unnoticed and stupid Indians would even sympathise with the whole Dalit community and some go one step further to condemn the forward castes. I don’t think the caste matters in this news piece, so why did The Hindu have to state it thus!? I think being secular is basically bashing all those castes and communities (often with innuendoes) who are not represented in majority and who will have to pay for what someone else did (or not). Now I am convinced that I should return to my state of not reading the newspaper!! šŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Secular, aren’t we!

  1. You have no clue it seems as to what anyone in any business will do in order to increase footfalls, eyeballs – in short, increase revenues, MONEY.Lies, hypes, exaggerations are quotidian in a reporter’s report wherever they may be in the world. You would be accused of naivete` for just feeling so strongly about such a routine ‘lying’ in newspapers…

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