There is nothing
Which doesn’t remind me of you.
The walk
People-filled agoras
A night passed without a “good-night”.

I never wished to thinkDesultory drift
Of walking the journey
Without you.
Our steps drumming the earth
Gave rhythm for my heart.

We don’t speak
We don’t hold hands
We don’t argue
We don’t live the truth
Of two hearts alloyed as one.

Last night, I walked back
And could hear your voice
Chatter in the silence of this world
Tell me things I knew you would
Ask me things I hoped you didn’t
Laugh and tease and nearly get me
Run over by a car.

Last night I knew
That incompleteness
Is not the lack of completeness
It is the rightness
Of flame with wick
Though both are complete,
It is the beauty of a void
Which lets me want you.

9 thoughts on “Incomplete

  1. Heartfelt and sincere. Nice to see poetry (albeit with a ?) back here :-).#“Ask me things I hoped you didn’t” and more strongly “We don’t live the truthOf two hearts alloyed as one”.speak of a rightness and a naked allegiance to complete truth absent in the relationship. Oneness can be only in the highest sense of rightness and truth, all other alloys are the weakest links in the chain of love and hence illusions of oneness.I think that the void created by a wilful collaboration to a lower level of consciousness in one can never be filled by the other whose mantra is truth, rightness, goodness and joy.# Oops. Sorry about philosophising on and on about an emotional outburst of a ‘poem?’.# All in all I find it quite beautiful. Hope you are careful and don’t get run over by a car actually or nearly :-D!

  2. Dear P,Glad you found it so. I agree with your point about the lower unable to fill the higher. That’s what we learnt in physics too!! 😀 I wasn’t run over by any car! That would be one helluva obstacle for any vehicle to go over! 😀 This is a poem and not my life!!

  3. You haven’t read carefully what I have said and hence understood in exactly the opposite sense of what I have written or else you did read it carefully enough, but have lacked the clarity to understand what I have said – please do read this with attention.I have said that“…The void created by a wilful collaboration to a lower level of consciousness in one can never be filled by the other whose mantra is truth, rightness, goodness and joy.”which means that when one is lost in the low levels, there is a void created in one, which is a peculiar void, and CAN ONLY BE FILLED BY THE PRODUCTS OR VIBRATIONS OR PEOPLE OF THAT LOW LEVEL, and this void of the low cannot be filled by the fecund vibrations of the Higher levels of consciousness. The High will leave this void in a low person unfilled, and the low person will be impatient and irritable with the Higher person.For example, when a void is in me because of my human attachment to say, my son, and created especially because of his childish but indifferent attitude towards me, this void will not be filled by a divine vibration coming from a highly-loved-and-respected-by-me Guru towards me of love, light and goodness. It will be satisfied only by a human attachment from the son. A whole play of lower vibrations surfeit with attachment, suffering, anger, that has no understanding of the Divine or the Greater. They want only what they want, no matter if the source of vibration is low or ignorant, and all else doesn’t fill their void of desire, but only the low or the ignorant.Like attracts like. Like fulfils like. So I am speaking of something other than the laws of physics, frankly something, that defies the laws of physics. I am distinctly saying that the HIGHER CANNOT FILL THE LOWER, NOT WHAT PHYSICS SAYS THAT THE LOWER CANNOT FILL THE HIGHER.Got it?

  4. Oh! I mis-read it. Blame it on the terrorists! 😀I found your perspective of high and low rather off-key. One should know how to be in the presence of different people. To only prefer the guru and shun the bickering maid only reveals a soul which cannot accommodate this world and has this preset notion of what is good and bad or right and wrong, unwilling to learn and see… If like fulfils like the how and why does one seek the higher Divine? One should then have to be happy with the human beings around on and the Divine will be in Her chamber arms crossed over Her breast refusing to deal with the lower.As it is said in the Tao, water is the ideal because it takes the form and colour of wherever it passes or pauses but always available to being purified (unlike some alloys).

  5. Poor Eroteme! You have lost your way, and let me be the good shepherd that leads you back on to the right path. Pay attention and properly so, this time——-# This stream of comments started with your lines in the poem? “We don’t live the truthOf two hearts alloyed as one.”And the said lines automatically speak of the existence of living in truth, or in its absence, of hearts which are one, or not one.# The poem is not about a public relations exercise of a human being with the bickering maid or the enlightened Guru. But since you have raised it, let me handle that too –1.The fact that I live in a higher level of consciousness doesn’t mean that I am incapacitated to be with a bickering maid or with a great Guru. 2. Actually the more spiritual growth I have, the more capable I am of handling everyone and everything in the light of my spirituality. And also the more I attract the greatest, highest towards me and go spontaneously towards them; if at all I go to the low or the bickering maid, it can be only if I get a clear mandate from the Supreme that I have to transform that bickering into a harmony and quiet efficiency. Otherwise you may claim that you would willingly choose garbage over sandalwood, but no one, not even animals do so.3. But that doesnt mean that I AM ONE WITH THE BICKERING MAID’S BICKERING nor that I WILL EVER seek out the bickering of the bickering maid. Frankly, not even the bickering maid wants to bicker – she too would love peace and quiet I am sure. And herein comes the next point that you have raised against my statement that# only like knows like, like attracts like and like fulfils like. This doesn’t mean as you have understood that in a single human being, there is not the God and the worm and all else in between too staying together. I may live the low level consciousness of the worm, but the God in me seeks for this worm too to be transformed into its own truth in the Divine. There are no contradictions. So this answers the low human seeking the high Divine or the High Divine leaning towards the low human being. It is the Divine in the human that seeks the Divine outside for the transformation of the human. But whatever you may say or contradict, you cannot deny that there is no identity between the worm and the God. When I am in a worm consciousness I AM DEFINITELY NOT IN THE DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS OR VICE VERSA. Unless I traverse and am one in identity with all levels simultaneously at all times, I cannot make such claims.# Your mention of the tao and the water example is irrelevant. In the poem or in my discussion I am speaking about the high being comfortable with the low or vice versa. We are speaking about Oneness, Identity, Love, Fulfilment. Not whether I can move well with all colours and take all colours of others into myself or not. That too I can – I can take the falsehood and lies in the second person into myself, then what? Do I transform that lie into a light of truth in that person or do I myself become a willing contributor to falsehoods and lies? The tao is the natural way of being of every atom. Lies, low vibrations are not the natural way of being of any thing. Only the Divine is most natural to us. When the water of tao consciousness touches all colours and all textures, it accepts their truth of being, and moves on too.This water doesnt need any purification, it is already the Purest. We should consider ourselves blessed when such a tao human being touches our lives and being, to purify them or rather to instigate them to live their natural way of being – which is the Divine Way of Being in Consciousness.Your mistake is to assume that all that is natural is Divine. The converse is true, but it is not an abelian idea.# Incidentally, whether we like it or not, only what is one with our present level of consciousness stays with us, howmuchsoever we may heave and pull the higher or the lower vibrations towards us – neither stays naturally or for long with us. They fall off us in an inadequacy and an incompetence to what is our present level of consciousness, whose value judgement we needn’t make, since you are so against such terms as high and low.# All in all I would conclude that Oneness automatically means just that – oneness in quality, charater, everything – an Identity. Accordingly, only like knows like, like seeks like, like fulfils like.AMEN.

  6. Before I forget, your line in your latest comment too needs to be understood and refuted –“the Divine will be in Her chamber arms crossed over Her breast refusing to deal with the lower.”The Divine Mother or the Supreme Lord DEALING with the lower does not mean they are Like with the lower. Look at the phenomenon of Avatars. The Divine does not stay as a formless, voiceless, bodiless, mindless intangible, ineffable ether when He wants to CONNECT, relate to human beings. He deliberately comes down taking a human form, a human birth, all human qualities, only so that the purpose of establishing a new element of the vast Divine Truth, Love,Power on Earth, in man, with man. For this He cannot have man to say “Oh. The Divine will say a lot of things. What does He know of human frailties, compulsions, difficulties, impotence or incapacities. He will speak a Gita, His Christ speeches, but He doesnt know that man cannot do all these tall tasks.”But when man sees someone like him, in man’s image, a like knowing like, a like seeking like, a like attracted to another like happens. He sees a Krishna or a Rama who are normal human beings, with the lies, deception, unfairness, cunning, an almost obsession towards a mortal wife, a philandering by Krishna, and when such Men speak of Dharma or expound on men living in a selflessness for tradition and society, the normal human being understands and thinks that maybe he too like these Men Rama and Krishna accomodate such great vibrations which are brand new to his littleness.Avatars take the human form verily because of the invincibility of the principle that only Like knows Like, Like attracts Like, and only Like fulfils Like.Avatars hit the little consciousness of the lower man in their Human Appearance at the outset, thereafter when the hook has been thrown and the little man is captivated in the oneness and identity of the humanness of the Avatar but later the Divine Avatar taps on to the Divinity of the little man.Always when I see people around me that I do not respect, do not identify with, I can be assured that there is a strong POWERFUL connection inside me to some element of these people. My central consciousness is strongly in that level that needs these people, if not for their lowliness, but for some other synthetic and outer advantage but which nevertheless is of extreme importance to me.Psychology and the attraction and repulsion of various vibrations in this world is complex. But can indeed be put under a simple label of “Only like knows like, only like attracts like, only like fulfils like”.The Parrot rests

  7. Dear P (Parrot or Parvati)I feel sad for my poem! Poor thing just wanted to say something and is now being button-holed! 😦I diasgree with you and shall leave it at that… 🙂

  8. Dear P (as in Pusillanimous Eroteme),You are tiring early. A big disappointment to one who has always believed in debates resolving on the strength of the points raised, made, established in an irrefutable logic.But, YOU, you rest in peace….:-D

  9. Dear P,You are right in that I am tired. Been doing too much of debating over the past few weeks. Growing old! 🙂 Rest assured that I will return with all my knives and clubs!

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