Another year does pass

What is age to a bunch of bits and bytes? Does a byte grow wrinkled? How can age tell on a digital sheaf of papers? But still, its going to be one more year of this blog and perhaps the most uneventful one.

I just spent some time going over the posts I have written since this blog was created and couldn’t help smile at the fleeting memory of days that surrounded certain posts. Most of my posts have nothing to do with real life and I try to mask one with the other (which indirectly might hint at real life). I had once enjoyed a great relationship with excellent bloggers who have (nearly) all got married and found better things to entertain themselves. I really miss them. Few of them still write but seem to have lost what it was that kept us all happily together. Though I am in touch with a lot of them (and just today I got to chat with the effervescent inspiration that got this blog rolling) it doesn’t quite feel the same. Somehow things are dying and I realise that the same is happening to this blog (although for different reasons)
It was customary for me to collect my favourite posts of a year around this time and put together a post like this. I have no interest in doing that now. This year has disappointed me in many ways. Too much of war and strife. I had controversial posts and funny ones, some sonnets and many opinionated posts but not one Zen Koan. That is what I realised when I went through my posts (though there are a few in drafts). 2008 has been a bad year because it didn’t nourish me enough to write a Zen Koan or another 18 verses or a God-Devil post. I believe I was in my happiest high whenever I wrote one of them. By their absence they revealed something to me; and the pointlessness of having a post summarising the year. The year was bad – summary over.
But I’ve had a chance to hone some skills of mine. I have written a play (which I shall put up online some day). I have had the chance to review and ponder over some severe divides. Though a skill has developed the blog has suffered.
I shant write anymore this year. 
Take care.
Happy New Year.



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