A Dinner to Celebrate

Of course, Copyright BBC Good FoodI have reason to celebrate. The reasons include a delicious dinner and hence I celebrated the day with a wonderful dinner! Of course, I knew that the meal will come out well and hence the celebration planned in advance for something in the future experienced now.

What I prepared today was a take on Gordon Ramsay’s Cream of Cauliflower and a simple pasta arrabiata (more chunky sauce). I think this is the first time I am making this soup and such a soup. I would love to give you the way I did it (I replaced mushrooms with aubergines because I didn’t have mushrooms) but I think it is fair to let you read Gordon’s idea and then let you work with it the way you wish to. I was delighted with the results (so I am sure Gordon’s idea in its fullness must be wonderful too). I simply couldn’t stop having the soup and then the pasta and then the soup and back to … Sigh! Such meals should never end, but perhaps it is in their end that one can pause to register delight.

5 thoughts on “A Dinner to Celebrate

  1. Dear R,The pic does show what I made (minus the chives) though it is not a picture of what I made. My cutlery for the evening wasn’t as stylish as this and hence, I preferred this pic. The soup I made looked exactly like this!! 🙂

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