This Week’s Read: Vol 1 Issue 2

And here is another issue of some interesting links. See, it always runs fine for the first few issues and then… we’ll wait and listen to the exact noise it makes!

  1. Didn’t we always know they were gold-diggers!? As if the IB didn’t have it tough with the economy and depression (oh! it is already here) and the bankruptcy, they have to tackle their “better”-halves! Seriously, and we want to still call them the more sensitive sex? And read about how it was, back then.
  2. Show them the finger! Gesticulating is so vitally a part of Indian communication (though we didn’t invent any parallel to the finger). I am always reminded of Peter Russel’s piece on Italians and how they were probably all “deaf at some point in time”. Really hilarious piece and a must watch.
  3. Since men are bad, kill the babies. Frankly, I hope that someone continues to get crazy everyday and the world is rid of fools. Then and perhaps only then will this world be more sustainable. Control reproduction!? Geez! Why don’t we just let people die whenever they are dying!? Will cover that in my article about the balance of Nature.
  4. Smart Grids. A perspective on why the $4.5 billion will not make sense.
  5. Mark Bittman joins the Michael Pollan gang. (ps. I am a member too)
  6. Why human rights are wrong. A thought provoking article from Request you to read, reflect and then (if impossible to contain) react.
  7. Weight is great, or so we used to say when anyone called us fat. Though I agree that being fit is vital, I think we need to re-look fat as well as this idea that the government or any “higher” body can do anything about it. I recall reading this article about how the entire notion that the govt. would have to spend more if obesity was not controlled was a myth. Once I get my hands on it, I will share it.
  8. Starting a reading revolution. Here are some thoughts on something that is very close to my heart.
  9. So what? Why are people so anti-censure when the censure is well-meant and well-intended? Honestly, do we care more about the right to do whatever than the need for rightness?
  10. What really happened? A perspective on the current crisis (though I liked the New Yorker article about post-modernism and the financial debacle, better).

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