Dance pe Chance

I keep thinking how incongruous this song is on this blog, but then that is the fun.
I simply love this song and I thank my friends who accompanied me to this movie (average movie but the songs are cool). I really loved this song because it is cute in trying to capture dance moves as lines in a song with very very appropriate similes!! Not to mention that Anushka looks very sleek in this song (just don’t show her close up). I still dance to this song whenever I listen to it! Oh you have no clue how I manage in every given space in my house! 🙂
But more than the happy feet is the memory of long ago when I was a kid (or so people say) and my sis and I choreographed the dance for another group of kids! It was sheer fun. We might have (knowing the way we think) also given some analogies like the ones in the song. Another incident was when I was in Bombay and had choreographed a dance piece for a tonne of flat-mates (they danced to Dholi Taro Dhol Baje from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The video is worth watching). We had so much fun dancing like crazy, spinning and practicing in the living room of a vacant house before the final show on stage! They were fantastic and I enjoyed cheering from the audience.

Nothing like dancing like that and nothing like dancing like Anushka in the song!

The video below is a poor recording. Play it, mute it and listen to the audio link below that!!

Dance Pe Chance

Dance Pe Chance

The lyrics follow (the Punjabi is a best guess attempt):

Left leg agge agge, right leg picche picche
Aaja yaara let’s start ve.

Sir ko ghumale round, pair zara up down
Itni si ye baat ve.

Woh bandha hi kya hai, jo naache na gaaye
Aa haathon mein tu haath thaamle.

Oye Dance pe chance mar le
O Soniya
Dance pe chance mar le
O Balliye
Dance pe chance mar le
O Soniya (and she sings this beautifully)
[Chorus ends]

Pichche Pichche aaja teri chaal ven day aaya – (twice)
Sano Laakh hon gaye lashkarein
Ni sano tera laung lapiya
Dil dekhe tu lejha mundiyare
Ni sano tera laung lapiya

O chal haath ghuma le yaara
O jaise suyiyaan saath se baara (and there are two steps for this, one which she does and the other a typical Grease step. If you see a silly guy doing this in the middle of the road, that would be me)
Le bann gaya step soniya
Tu bann gaya hep soniya.

O zara kamar ko aise ghumane
O zaise hava mein aat banana
Le bann gaya step soniya
Tu bann gaya hep soniya.


Gaali tere puth tepranda tera laalvi – (twice)
Rup te laaniep perande nussvaarni
Gaali teri gaali teri gaali teri

O ek haat ko ooncha utta le
O Mandir ki ghantti baja le
Le bann gaya step soniya
Tu bann gaya hep soniya.

O dooja haat hiley zara neeche
O jaise udti patang koi kheenche
Le bann gaya step soniya
Tu bann gaya hep soniya.


I don’t think I will translate this song. Pretty simple lyrics.

One thought on “Dance pe Chance

  1. 🙂Nice beat to this song. I liked the film very much. Thought that the hero revealed a lot of himself to himself when at every juncture he went just that one step more to connect to his wife in some way or the other – first it was just to watch her in her dance class, then it was so that she does not lose the competition, then it was to offer her the experience of abundant and unreserved love, which she says is what she wants. Quite a good piece of work by Aditya Chopra, methinks, storywise, dialogueswise; I wonder whether people noticed the intricate details, dimensions of the psychology and actions of the hero. ShahRukh Khan acted very well too – that is saying a lot because I seldom find him natural as an actor (though that is an oxymoronic statement ;-)) besides the rarity of Chak De.Oops. Sorry about the long review of the whole film in this post about a song and a dance..

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