This Week’s Read: Vol 1 Issue 3

And another week of interesting things to read…

  1. What women want. I am glad that someone is putting some sense back into a diet (and not dieting) especially for women. I have watched women affected by their diets and their lifestyle. Seems like they are more vulnerable to what they eat and that is unfortunate. But diets of the present nature are not good for them because none of them are holistic. I think if women could only be comfortable looking healthy rather than sexy, a lot of their problems would be solved.
  2. The keys are in your jeans/genes. Steven Pinker (please do read his works; he is good) discusses the genome, the Personal Genome Project (PGP) and how we make up stories to explain why we do something. I cannot but help see the parallels between genomes (applied to predicting traits and diseases) and astrology but I am sure people will call it naive and the like! A slightly long read but very informative.
  3. Comical Life. I am a dilettante in the world of graphic novels and the like. I have always read comics and believed in them (I am still waiting for metal claws to shoot out every time I whip out my hands). I was kindly pointed out Sandman and I am enjoying it!
  4. More disasters ahead. This article talks about another pending financial debacle. Suddenly, I fancy disaster and hope all of them come rolling in. Funny response to a state of being helpless: when you see a hundred men coming to beat you and all your pleas result in the first blow landing, your mind switches to this mode making a game of the thuds (Oh! the next one will be between the right elbow and wrist and it will be by a man wearing green) and possibly never expecting it to get over!
  5. The virtue of anonymity. I was recently having a raging debate with a friend about how the strength to be anonymous precedes the possibility of being free and Right. This articles discusses something similar (more about solitude) in the context of the present day world.
  6. Wisdom Lost. Barry Schwartz makes a though provoking presentation about the loss of wisdom and the place for rules and incentives. This is a TED presentation. Feel free to explore the other talks.
  7. Englipish. Dave Barry and his Mr. Language Person post! A light read.
  8. Life: a sexually transmitted disease. Ken looks at life itself as a mental illness!
  9. Gorilla Economy. An interesting article about how people cannot care about conservation while their basic needs are not met. Isn’t there a solution in the article itself?
  10. Sexy Food. This article looks at sex and food and how they play an important role in our lives. What happens when adult human beings are free to have all the sex and food that they want? Paradise? Naaah! Read on.

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