(Belated) Holi Wishes

For the past two years I have always been away from home (or what one can call home) for Holi. This year I had a splendid time and returned to the days of my childhood. I did return with the dirtiest T-shirt and trouser (to have my mom admonish my childish ways) and I do not intend washing them ever!! Here is a collage of the shots my friend and I took on Holi. Happy Holi!

Happy Holi


3 thoughts on “(Belated) Holi Wishes

  1. I LOVE Holi too!!!Unfortunately have not had the chance to play it here in Bangalore for quite a few years as not many of my friends play …I simply love getting drenched and jumping and gallivanting around with abandon. The warm hugs, the gleeful smiles with colored clothes & teeth, the mischievous delight when the water balloon you threw at a fellow reveler finds its mark and of course the big smile of satisfaction on one's face when bathing after the revelry on seeing the paths that the colors make on the bathroom tiles … 🙂 … a “celebration” indeed! … sigh … I still am very much a child … 🙂

  2. Aaah! THIS is how holi should be celebrated. Your collage of photos are a splash of the infinite ramifications of this festival – the joy, the colours, the innocence, the smiles, the children, the energy, the enthusiasm, just a simple state of being where just being is the be all and end all.Great post!

  3. Dear K,And you wish you always stay that way, man! Holi in Bangalore is sad. Actually, most festivals in Bangalore are sad. South per se is sad but in that Bangalore seems to be one of the worst. At least in Chennai and Trivandrum there are some special festivals which are absolutely mind-blowing.Dear P,Glad you liked the collage. The real thing was a million times better!!

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