I did it… Did you?

Earth Hour
We shut off all our electrical appliances for an hour on Saturday! Mom was not in for it initially as she thought this was merely a gimmick. I explained to her that it was a gimmick but even if 40% people fall for it, it saves a lot and is still worth it! So we switched off everything and discussed my Conscious Living series and the sheer audacity of mankind to take the rest of the world for granted (and some human beings actually complain that they can’t take others for granted and how wrong that is!!). It was fun sitting in the dark talking about stuff at the global level. I had some difficulty having to give her examples (and more so when I had to do some of them in Tamil) but it was a fun time together. I had assured her that I would make dinner (and we had sumptuous cream of roasted red bell pepper and tomato soup with Penne with Alfredo sauce) today in bargain. I was elated when my mom (at the end of my tiring speech) declares that we should follow this one hour thingy every week (but only when her serials are not on!!). Feels good to be able to educate people and help them see rightness.


2 thoughts on “I did it… Did you?

  1. Been extremely busy handling recession! It is a case of the less money you have, the more time you spend taking care of it, to shamelessly paraphrase Murphy’s law with respect to hair…# Nice to know that saving energy resources from depleting further was yet another way to bond with your family. # You would love a job as a teacher, if knowledge propagation is interesting to you, and knowledge execution by your students is gratifying to you.

  2. Dear P,Curious that you mention that. I have always loved to be a teacher and I think I will make that my main “job” some day… One more Saturday of no power observed!! 🙂

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