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I don’t remember the last time I had a post like this but this blog floored me. I was looking for recipes of salads with potato, corn, carrot and onion and for some strange reason Google simply ignored my need for potatoes and corn in the search results (though they were shown as selected). I stumbled upon this post:

See! It has an eye too!Please take some time to read that post (whether you like food or not, whether you like cooking or not, whether … btw, why on earth are you alive? ;-). That blog post was the delight of my day.

veganf is from MA, USA and is vegan. Her blog is amazing (though I am yet to understand the relevance of the blog title) in its creativity. I would expect someone to run out of steam after a while (given that you have only these many parameters to work with) but she brings enormous energy to her blog and indeed to her life.

Please do go through her blog (though I still don’t get the blog title). I was very impressed that there really is someone who can be so interested and involved with her family and the family’s well-being and health (hallelujah! There is still hope for mankind). Had you read the post, you would note how she was eager to cheer up the family at one of its really low periods. Very sincere and touching. Secondly, she doesn’t cook with a let’s-get-it-over-and-done-with attitude which is refreshing. Thirdly, she is vegan (which is a stricter cousin of vegetarian in my heirarchy of relationships with the world. I can’t really get myself to give up honey and dairy products.) which sets her (consciously or otherwise) on the path to Conscious Living. Did you know that there was something called rice cheese? The meals she conjures for her children are not only varied but also colourful and shapely! Lucky kids! Lucky kitchen for what she carries is such a beautiful attitude. Oh yes, I will write a post about the most appropriate and constructive attitudes that should be brought to each room of one’s home. 

From her blog, I went and am still going to other blogs. Each one is beautiful in its own way.


4 thoughts on “An Interesting Blog

  1. Methinks that you romanticize and sentimentalize quotidian activities in a home, such as cooking interesting dishes or looking after family members. # Anyway, sweet post. The lady is indeed highly original in coming up with such a variety of lunches for her children, not to speak of her everpresent positive ebullience despite difficult situations.

  2. Dear P,You miss the point. How many people have you met who are passionate about something, are creative about it and don’t do that at the cost of family and values? I think this is a deadly combination. I have met many people who only have the capacity for a passion, a vocation or for family. Very very few have two of the above. Rare are those who can combine passion, creativity and age old values of family and others. veganf indeed seems to be one of those…

  3. Thanks for the gracious post.I have responded on my blog of course…with plans to answer about my blog’s title next month 😉Such a wonderful depth to your posts…and your bit about what you’d teach your kids is inspiring and such fun! (And I’m glad to hear of someone else who didn’t think SlumDM deserved every award on the planet).– Krista

  4. Dear V-K,No, no. Thank <><>you<><>. Frankly, your blog reassured me that one need not have to be a painter or website designer or poet to be creative. I just read your post. 🙂 Will comment out there…

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