Painfully Yours

It is not a bed of rusted thorns
One mourns –
But the sleet of lies she’d spew
Beside you.

When deception precipitates evil
On an anvil.
And falsehood forges vacant armours
With caustic murmurs.

When violent beggary births greed –
Souls bleed,
And the ugliness of a stealing handOh! Wicked one...
In five digits spanned

Shall tell you the tale of abject misery
For none to bury
For her wake lent the sods sores
Though painfully yours.

Rise, Oh! brother leave such immoral shores
Though painfully yours.
Come, defect lands where the snake ignores
What’s painfully yours.

Walk over hopes dashed to indecent floors
And cross seas pushing with honest oars
To lands where none with cunning implores
The virtuous heart that the Divine adores.

Come my brother, the day has finally burned
Those who never earned.
Let us smile and remember Fate’s contours
Are neither painful nor yours.

*I imagine this being sung to the tune of the title track in Ghost in the shell. Frankly, this poem is an attempt to do something like that (based on the subtitles) without being a mere copy!


3 thoughts on “Painfully Yours

  1. What a profound, great, heavy and extremely beautiful poem this is!

    ‘Let us smile and remember Fate’s contours
    Are neither painful nor yours.’

    – how true every word and every line is in its description of betrayal, evil, dishonesty, lies and extreme misery that innocence experiences in the hands of pure treachery!

    Your insight is uncanny; and if this poem is written from imagination and not from personal experience of the darkness in the people in your life, I would say that your perception, depth of imagination and of course poetic excellence are to be highly commended.

    I like the whole poem extremely well.

    # I should mention here that the new look of your blog is very attractive, as deserved by its wonderful and highly powerful writings. But I should say that I always find it difficult to read lighter fonts against a darker background, though I hear too that this is best suited for the relaxation of the eyes.

    Much information that was there in your previous blog is missing here. Maybe they would come to be seen later?

    Anyway, you seem to have enjoyed the creative activity of creating a new look for your blog!


  2. Dear P,
    Glad you liked it. The two lines you quote were the ones that called for the poem. It was a mix of several incidents: watching Ghost in the Shell – 2 (I recommend it to everyone), loving the soundtrack, and previously having consoled a friend with the import of those two lines. Hence, it is real inasmuchas finding sparks in daily life but it is also a poem as imagined by a man who fights against unfairness: mix of both!

    I don’t think this blog deserves the mundane world I deal with in “real” life. The ugliness/beauty of human beings is best as an entry in my collection of character sketches. I believe this is a place for beauty, insight, reflection and creativity. There is enough place in this world for the dirt it creates; this blog is spared! πŸ™‚

    Glad you like the new look. Not sure I enjoyed it much. Perhaps if I had given it a Flex+Flash look… πŸ˜‰

  3. It is well nigh impossible to read the thin red font of the comment section against the black and against the grey too of the enso ring.

    Please change the font colour to white or yellow and make it bold too or something or the other.

    But please don’t make the readers strain their eyes!

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