Wherefore art thou!?

Doing nothing interesting to anyone who reads this blog. I am basically turning myself into a student as I once was (I believe that it will retard my receding hairline!). I am back in the classroom studying programming and going over my “Yes, yes, yes, I recall now” state of knowledge in functional programming.
I believe this will culminate in a manner that I find useful. I am notorious with my commitments once announced (and when not, my brain tricks me into thinking that it was all a dream). I intend to complete my study of functional programming (leaving the intricacies of lambda calculus for later) with a mastery of Erlang while simultaneously learning (and it is truly from scratch in this domain) HTML and AJAX to marry then with Adobe AIR. Eventually, with AIR giving me the front end and Erlang giving me the back-end, I should finally have the RSS reader that I dreamed of using.
This RSS reader will be tuned to run on multi-core systems (but is someone really reading at that pace!?) with a lot of background computation and analysis being performed to present a reader front unlike what is seen today (mere lists or thumbnails). Let’s see if I can do something worthwhile.
What it means, in English, is that I would be less active on this blog if I become deeply involved in this project. But you never know! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Wherefore art thou!?

  1. HTML is dead. AJAX is old news.
    Adobe Flex is what everyone is talking about. Take a look at it.

    Again, use thunderbird. Its more than sufficient 🙂


  2. Good god I dont even remember what functional programming means! vague recollections from operating systems or compiler construction classes in my undergrad. I;m sure you mean something completely different. Its always so strange being back in class after a gap 🙂

  3. Dear S,
    Flex is not (yet) well integrated with Erlang though I am still doing my research on that. Thunderbird is not to my taste. From that POV, Bloglines Beta is lightyears ahead.

    Dear R,
    Where have you been? Long time! Hope things are good with you. You studied FP? 😮 I am shocked! Most people I meet think FP is objectivism applied to programming languages and shun me (or shun me anyway). I am yet to come across a person (except those from my univ) who studied FP.
    “I;m sure you mean something completely different.” Didn’t get that, though. Functional Programming as in Gofer, Haskell, ML, … well, ERLANG!! 😀 Yes, it is strange but it feels good.

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