Unbridled Joy

Prancing in joy

Tethers of venom
Burn, writhing in Divine light.
See how he prances!


4 thoughts on “Unbridled Joy

  1. OK. Its late and I have not slept for more than ten hours in last five days. So apologies if I sound…er..stupid.
    Is that a unicorn in the picture? Aren't unicorns supposed to be pretty and cute and pink and every little girl's best friend? The one in the picture is a little scary so am asking. Or is it some toy manufacturing brand's brainwash?

  2. Dear S,
    Yes, it is a unicorn. Unicorns are not supposed to be anything more than a horse with a horn. Cute for cute girls and powerful for those who like them that way! 🙂 Toy manufacturers did do their bit as did JKR! Have a good night's sleep with dreams of your choice… 🙂

  3. FYI, some gyan from the wikipedia

    A unicorn (from Latin unus 'one' and cornu 'horn') is a mythological creature. Though the modern popular image of the unicorn is sometimes that of a horse differing only in the horn on its forehead, the traditional unicorn also has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hooves—these distinguish it from a horse. Marianna Mayer has observed (The Unicorn and the Lake), “The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears. In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful. He could be captured only by unfair means, and his single horn was said to neutralize poison.

    # This haiku is unlike a haiku. It is truly heavy with harsh and strong in the face emotions instead of light simplicity – venom, burn, writhing – sounds like the chapter on Job from the Bible.
    And, no mention of nature either as stipulated by haiku structure?

    # Otherwise it is brilliant as poetry. Great imagery and very profound experience converted to words successfully. It reminds me of Sri Aurobindo's many lines from his epic poem Savitri.

    # Any plans to resurrect Alvibest, write 18 more verses to fortify the existing 18?

    A pity that such a promising literary journal as Alvibest is dumped into oblivion unceremoniously thus. Whatever be the reasons for this, why don't you work on the constructive aspects of publishing it again?

  4. Dear P,
    Heavy it is as it took a great weight off me. Alvibest should be out sometime (dunno when) and another 18 verses seems far. The original seem to take care of nearly everything so I wonder why another 18 verses would be needed…

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