Sonnet 11 – A Lover’s Wait

She'll come
I paint her name in wine on ebony
Glistening fluid ropes to draw her near.
Hundred nights passed since, and yet her journey
Will bring her to me, or so I adhere.

The sigh of the leather couch whispers fresh
Where she had simmering sat, knee on knee.
Impassive wooden edge kissed her breast’s flesh
While full lips drew in a goblet’s sherry.

It has been hundred nights, why wait, you say
Such a delight is but a night’s mirage.
One night’s fate would be futile Fortune’s lay,
Sans one more from life’s diurnal melange.

So wait I will, living on recall’s fire,
Till Time shall yield to the tell of desire.


4 thoughts on “Sonnet 11 – A Lover’s Wait

  1. “One night's fate would be futile Fortune's lay,
    Sans one more from life's diurnal melange.”

    – Good lines. Reminds me of the one that Milan Kundera oft repeats in his famous book The Unbearable Lightness of Being: “Einmal ist Keinmal.”

    Wistful sonnet. A quiet tone to it that adds to the beauty of the words and the subject of the poem itself…

  2. Dear P,
    It doesn't surprise me one bit that so many readers prefer reading your comments before even reading the post. More often than not, your comments seem to give them what was intended from the post. Mostly the reason for reading your comments seem to be that they are shorter than the post! 😀 I used to feel a pinch of disappointment when I heard them say so…
    But with today's comment I bow down to you. I would bow down every time for the sheer effort and insight you bring to your comments. It is not often or common to find a commenter who brings commensurate passion to commenting as the blogger might bring to his/her posts. I recall writing an entire post about it but you are genuinely a delight to a blogger (and I am sure other fortunate bloggers like Sriram and Vaidehi would agree) for the sheer sincerity with which you comment.
    Why I seem to be going overboard with this short (by your measure) comment is the “Aha!” moment I had when I read Einmal ist Keinmal. While writing the poem and especially those lines there was something in the back of my mind which never took form till I read your comment. It makes me read this sonnet once again and nod my head. A commenter who can make me revisit a post is a god-send.
    Parvatiji, this blog can never be sufficiently in debt to you, but please accept this sincere thanks for your constructive patronage. May this blog continue to be fortunate to have your contribution as well as (if I may be greedy) of many more such commenters! 😀

  3. # A homage as lengthy as this and as deeply-felt as this should have rightfully waited for until after my last breath. :-DDDD

    Nevertheless, merci beaucoup for the lavish praise :-). Am gratified.

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