I am trying out new templates and colour schemes because I heard many folks complain about the red and black scheme that I had earlier (the only reason I preferred that was that it was entirely constructed by hand by me). But when a friend (who states that she is my “number one fan”) recently mentioned that she finds this an eye-sore, I decided to visit options.
Experimenting over a dial-up is impossibly difficult and slow and dependent on weird things, like no incoming calls on the telephone line. Hence, this blog will be in various states of undress and I count on you not to laugh (too loud, at least). Btw, I would love to hear if you like this current scheme as it stands. I really liked the quick snippet view and the clean layout and organisation. But it doesn’t seem to reflect much of the blog’s personality (don’t ask me what that is). So if you could comment and tell me which state of the blog you liked and so on, perhaps I could use you to blame my decision! πŸ˜€
Wishing everyone a wonderful new year ahead.

5 thoughts on “Experimenting

  1. LOL on the way you've written it – LOL as in NOT laughing AT You but laughing with you – which I'm sure you would've done as you penned down *oops keyed in* your post. Yes, I liked it so far. And I do have a bone to pick with you – CHECK your email – I had sent you an invite to my blog – which by the way is lying around in your cluttered inbox!!!

    Let me click the Home link and see what more the template has to offer. And since you asked : Your labels list is long – so ideally place it in the sidebar (let me check if it is there) Do make the font size a lil bigger. Loved the designs and the general feel of the template – Its really …… cool. AND you made a grammatical error: ” Experimenting over a dial-up is impossibly difficult … ” Aisi galathi tho thabhi ho saktha hai jab man kaheen aur hai!!! My guess is the re-designing of the blog … Good Luck πŸ™‚ Let me check your home page too and then get back here to post another comment πŸ™‚

  2. Checked. Hmmmm…. Bring back the Sidebar for your labels list. There are gadgets for 'Recent comments' You could certainly add that – I so wanted to add it in my blog, but since I made it private – I cant!!! And that's a choice I had to make.

    Then, do highlight the links on top of the page.

    The search bar sits well and is really nicely done.

    Since you do have pictures in the posts, there is a java script that will make the size of the pics small and fit into those lil boxes of snippets. In my blog, I've generated the snippets in a different way. And since I use pictures in mostly All my posts – I preferred different way of highlighting it. If you are serious about the pics and the snipping of your posts (which I do think is a really good idea) I could send in the java script to you – ok?

    What else ………….. Na, nothing more coming into my mind at the moment. GO to my blog – I think you've visited it when I still was tweaking it … now its all tweaked up and let me know what u think. And yes, I had to put in a LOT of hard work too – it was not like download one temp and that's it !!! Mine did not even WORK!!! But now, its come a long way …

    By the way, in a couple of hours I'd write something up too, so check back *grin* After a couple o hours πŸ˜€

    Before its too late: HAPPY NEW YEAR πŸ™‚

  3. By the way, the three boxes in the footer – I like that. Do you have a Yahoo id? And a Yahoo Avatar? I'll email you today. Yup, when it comes to templates – I am a wee bit of a nut! DO NOT – associate it with the innate tendency of a woman to concentrate on the dressing sense !!! Yes, I do remember I have to get back to you on something I left hanging in the 'Pink World!'

  4. ah waaa

    you've gone all fancy schmany. does no one like simple anymore .. or is simple overrated?

    i guess this will grow on me.

  5. The black background and white font should give way to a dark font on a lighter background. Then all will be well.

    By that token this template too is as good or as bad as the previous one for me…

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