Some relationships can afford to be kept on the far sill of the attic window with a quiet whisper assuring them that “I will soon return once I clean up this place.” I believe this blog and I share such a relationship. It has been nearly two and a half months since I wrote something here. Actually, it has been around the same span since I visited this blog and cleaned up foul comments that stupid surfers leave (now I get them in Chinese).
There have been several changes I have been working on over this period and allowing myself to witness many more. Most have been good. Hence, my absence was quite conscious and necessary. I think I will return to blogging now.
Friends and readers kept reminding me of the fact that I hadn’t written. Paramita even left a comment to nudge me awake. Thank you, Paramita. I hope to have something that might interest you. I had several posts I wanted to write. Some are excessively delayed now and there is little sense in penning them. I won’t. The rest will be published as days pass. So, no, there was no writer’s block (thank the Goddess) just a decision not to write till I sort things out.

6 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Not to write when you could have is to no-talents like me, incredible and frankly unforgivable.


    Let there be no such apologies in your blog – they take up precious space which could have been better filled with small or big posts.

    Just write whether you want to or not, whether the Goddess wants you to or not.

    Just do it. All the rest is just sheer shard and chaff, that are best left non-existent…

    # Anyway, I cannot help but say that as a post, even this 'Apologies' is quite lovely :-D.

    # Write on, Eroteme; and if you are not careful, your blog will only be one filled with successive apologies.

    # JUST DO IT.

  2. I second P & specially for her imperative tone here. You owe your readers more than just apologies. Ofcourse you have a life and things to sort out, but your commitment to the cause deserves all of you.

  3. Dear P,
    Sorry! 🙂 I think I have broken the succession of apologies, now… 😉

    Dear Anon,
    Welcome to this blog. A name would be nice… I owe my readers!? Wow! Commitment to the cause!? WOW!! All of this is news… 🙂

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