Are you ready to be tooked?

My friend Agni and his friend Ramanan are starting a new venture (not sure whether I could call it a company or an organisation). He tells me that the inspiration came from … oops! I am not supposed to say it. I personally think it will be exciting and quite unlike anything else that has been tried. I would even be willing to put my money (I have lost my Monopoly board anyway) on this becoming quite a “cool” phenomenon. For one, this is not based on something hip or Web 2.0 and that makes me like it. I’ll tell you what it isn’t and then you can stay tuned to get more info from them (or on this blog). Agni says that the launch will happen shortly, so if you are in Bangalore you should surely not miss the launch.

  1. It isn’t a software company
  2. It produces no tangible entity
  3. It will never be traded on the stock market (or I will be visibly surprised)
  4. It doesn’t involve people in ties (can create ties though)
  5. It is not into the restaurant business (though food will feature in the offering)
  6. It is not about organising magic shows and event management (though it would be an event to remember)
  7. It is not into venture capital or funding or anything related to finances (though if finance is your thing then you could very well be part of this. Actually, if you’re passionate about anything then this could very well be for you)
  8. It is not some social networking fad (though it is social)

You need to check it out to know more. They have a presence on FaceBook too. Join in.


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