I had once written about the sheer comfort in tiredness. It might have seemed fiction then but I have found benefit in being exhausted. It helps one re-visit what is vital and realises comfort in the basic and essential provisions of life. When one works to near exhaustion one doesn’t have the energy for anything besides the basic wants of a human being. And in that exercise there is benefit. In the body’s tiredness, the mind finds rest. I recall the character in Razor’s Edge doing something similar often by seeking out options to work laboriously so that his mind could find rest. It doesn’t sound very intuitive, but there is benefit. To some it works like getting drunk – you get your mind off what bothers you the most. For me, it helps quieten my mind so that I can re-think and re-observe all that I had once done.

The past few months have found me shuttling between cities, changing jobs, changing houses (not to mention hunting for them) and overhauling a significant portion of my life. In the midst of all of this, all I could do was paint and cook. Every other creative pursuit of mine was put on the back-burner. Oh! I also made terracotta jewellery, but never mind. I think I worked my way to a level of exhaustion by engaging in a lot of things and draining myself. I think this will go on for another couple of weeks before I can sink into my bed and wake up in a state of creative zest.

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