A Tour Through The Himalayas

Well, I was away traveling through the mountains. It was beautiful. More on that later. Here are some pictures shot during the trip. Hope you like them.

In case you do not like the display format above, then feel free to click on the link below (you can control speed of refresh depending on your connection):



3 thoughts on “A Tour Through The Himalayas

  1. Has your eye developed a depth of sensitivity and beauty or your artistic and spiritual growth reached such heights that we get to see such exceptional photographs?!

    Truly stunning – each one of them is very very very special, more evidently the black and white, sand, pebble/s, footsteps, water flow ones, but the toothy smiles of young brahmin (?) boys were also great, a favourite of course is the black shadow of a leaf on green leaf.

    This set of photographs seems to have been from a different eye than your past ones. Keep growing in every way and all ways! Good work…

  2. Tee-hee!! a LOT of these pics bring back fond memories- the footsteps, the bracelets, the butterflies and the BIRD! 😛 Mesa want to go back- NOW!:(
    PS- i didn't get time to post-process any of mine, they're up as they were taken(barring one or two)- sigh!

  3. Dear P,
    You are, as always, generous with compliments. Thank you. I am not sure what has changed or transformed and as I was telling a very dear friend of mine, when I shot these pix I thought that I had actually lost the eye and skill to capture good pictures. Perhaps what I have lost is the ability to know what is good! 🙂

    Hey D,
    Welcome to this blog. Yes, indeed. I still see these pix and miss those beautiful days. Thank you for helping me reach some of those spots and for shooting with me! 🙂

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