What the devil!

It will be 6 years since I first wrote on this blog. 600 posts on this blog and still many to come. 6 beautiful, and some original, themes have come up on this blog (God-Devil post, Zen Koans, Translations interwoven with a story, Alvibest, 18 verses and Conscious Living).

6 6 6

That is exactly the devil that is going on here! πŸ™‚

This year too I will pick posts that I enjoy reading. I thank you all for stopping by to read.

I take this opportunity to specially thank Parvati-ji for her deep, loving and often insightful comments which many have found better than the posts with which they were associated. Thank you, Parvati-ji. Without waxing gratitude I can safely say that this blog is as much as yours as it might be mine.

I am also grateful to Loveena for her comments whenever she dropped by. She invariably raised some beautiful points.

Though I thank every commenter on this blog for participating in a discussion, I would like to thank a few (in no particular order) :

Meera: for getting me started and participating initially while this blog grew

Uma: Whom I don’t know and seem to have lost, but whose comments were always welcome. I hope you return to this blog.

Vaidehi/Pingu: For her sensitivity to the poetry on this blog

Shivani and Manan: Whose depth reflected in the comments s/he made

Agni: For the sheer energy and creativity he brought and for also introducing Parvati-ji to this blog.

Anupama V: Who was very dear and commented sincerely on nearly every post. I seem to have lost her too.

Amrita: Anu’s friend and sweet commenter whom I have lost too.

Wookie: Dear dear Wooks. I still remember your Liger post and how we met. Thanks for commenting on this blog.

Renuka: Who has nearly fought with me on this blog but remains a dear friend till today.

Ammani: Who was and still is the super-engine of activity and short stories!

Munmun: For her sweet comments and for what she said to me about her relationship with this blog! πŸ™‚

Sookie: For the intelligence she brought to her comments and the wonderful times we had.

JCU/Name of the Rose: For the sheer beauty she was and is. Her mind is one place I would love to invade.

Xena: Who was very dear to me

and recently,

Paramita: For there is something sweet I find in her comments. Thank you.

This doesn’t mean that other commenters do not hold a place on this blog. Surely San, Ricercar, DreamVendor, Musings.., Biju, Rangakrishnan, Swarnakrishnan, Sapna, Abhilash Warrier (who embarrassed me so many times with his generous compliments), TAAMommy, Lavanya, Shubha Prasad, Raja and Kartik and many many others (I see Ardra has returned too) are not forgotten nor do they go unthanked! πŸ™‚

I am grateful to the friends I have made in this blogging world. I am sorry to all the old timers for not being as active as I once was in commenting on your blogs. So here are the ones I enjoyed reading from the near 100 I wrote this year:

  1. Eighteen Verses – Prequel
  2. Tour through the Himalayas
  3. Belle-Lettres
  4. Perhaps
  5. A Poem Revisited
  6. Hands Tied
  7. Fallacy of Patriotism
  8. Unbearable World (I enjoyed reading this)
  9. New Face of Tolerance
  10. Silhouettes
  11. Soul’s Architecture
  12. Toe Tagged (for the sheer fun I must have had writing it)
  13. Truth Re-recognised
  14. Generation V
Poor output this year both in terms of quantity and quality. Still I enjoyed going through them. Hope you did too.

4 thoughts on “What the devil!

  1. There are many more than the 14 listed posts that your readers must have enjoyed to the fullest… 'growing' through your blog has become part of life.. thank You! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the mention. πŸ˜› It appeals to the silent attention-seeker in me, hehe.

    Went though the selected works again.. enjoyed every one of them. Nice way to recap the year.. not in terms of time but in terms of art and moments of beauty…

    And 26 th.. will it be a large group? If it's a crowd less than 4, count me in! Or we meet as soon as possible, is that okay? πŸ™‚

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