3 thoughts on “Pictures from Goa – 4

  1. Excellent photos… no. 1 for the perfect timing, 22 for the composition and 24 for the sheer mystery it invokes…

    I have a question though.. while trying to capture them all as these stunning pictures, don't you miss out on actually seeing them? like the sun sets really fast while nearing the horizon… how can you watch the phase with a lens in front of the eyes and a mind deciding the exposure/technicalities etc.? or maybe photography comes so naturally to you that you can do both? i was just wondering..

  2. Dear P,
    Thank you. Glad you liked them. You certainly have a good eye for pictures.
    Do I lose the moment in capturing it? What an amazing question! I don't seem to. Sunsets and sunrises are the best. They are never the same and they never repeat themselves. So I pick a day and capture them and maybe enjoy them another day. Frankly, I also enjoy them while I am composing shots. I spend lesser time composing shots as I get more and more practice shooting pictures… And then there's always the option to keep shooting and pick the ones which are the way you want them. Hence, I get to pick 100+ from out of 1400+ pictures!! 🙂

  3. I relate to Paramita's meaning – a few years back I realized that I was missing inordinately just BEING in that space, soaking it in, enjoying it without being splintered into two, one this and the other, the photographer, that since then when traveling, I take no cameras. The release and the relief in this unencumbered way was wonderful! Maybe you too should give it a try.

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