Completeness is a utilitarian want for something we’d rather have. Nature doesn’t wait for the perfect apple to be formed or the most complete sunrise and though I do not call upon everyone to mimic Nature (oh! how I wish someone could), it is imperative of every artist and creator to observe Nature long enough to realise that this urge and need for completeness is utilitarian. No painting is every complete or completely exacting. A tree on the landscape received just a smudge of the brush, the face in the crowd didn’t even get a nose, the claw on that cat was not drawn with the shades necessary, still they appear beautiful. A poem without subscribing to anyone’s sense of completeness can still be beautiful.

A machine needs to be completely functional and properly oiled. Tickets need to be completely booked. Your order needs to be completely placed and the parcel completely received. Art and beauty cannot subscribe to a want for completeness.

Cracked and beautiful...


One thought on “Completeness

  1. What you have written is a narrow ( sic ) look at completeness – not just chores deserve to bear the burden of completeness, but the soul too , not to speak of the mind, body and the senses. The feeling of being replete because of the beautiful qualities of various stimuli impinging on me is completeness.

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