Redundant World

Once the clear possibility and doability of some endeavour is ascertained, then its actual execution is essentially redundant. There appears no rational compulsion to actually perform what one knows one can perform if the thrill is in unraveling the adventure.There is a point when the mind is aware of all the resources required, all the people to be summoned & all throaty incantations memorised. It soon divines the precise order in which all of them should be combined in the broth of time. I aver that, at that point all thrill ends.Like a child cheated by legerdemain dissected, and hence, inclined to scratch out a magic show from his party, we stop dead in our tracks.What can be done is now well understood, its ingredients listed alphabetically with measurements in the metric system. What more is left?Hence, by extrapolation, we realise that all that has come to be has, in spite of possessing a clearly documented method to achieve it.We always knew how to build railroads, but built it anyway. We knew how to assemble the watch, but proceeded to manufacture it anyway.In our knowledge there hasn’t been sufficient wetness to grant us salve to calm our passionate nerves and relax our industrious muscles.Since we exhausted all the thrill in learning the what, how, when and what-ifs, there appears very little rational need to have proceeded.Thus, upon maturer reflection, we arrive at a retrospective view of the world assembled without rational compulsion & with no passion left.

2 thoughts on “Redundant World

  1. Not really – intellectual stimulation and the enjoyment therefrom are not the end all. Many a scientist and every pilgrim knows the myriad insurmountable surprise or expected problems/mysteries that throng the chasm between clarity of ideating and the processes, completion in matter and life. Therein lies the thrill too. Mind's boredom or its entertainment eventually leads to life energies' absorption and interest. All is good.

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