PS: I love you

I sleep in my cereal bowl

And walk the length of mirrors.

My eye-lashes wilt in Spring

And I drink spoonsful of cake.

I talk to flowers

In the potpourri bowl.

I see stars by the sun

And sweat under the blazing moon.

These distances I walk

To quiet my chattering nose.

On your birthday

I wish little puppies and get bitten

But unlike yours.

Stranded in the sea of you

The pirouetting flowers in their descent

Sigh like you did after we made love.

The names that endeared you

I have given to doors of my house

Which I hug on my way out.

The global itch of wanting you

I feel on my thumb and a little

On my little toe.

What Time had given me

I lost amongst the broken

Clocks in my world.

And this sepia tinted presentΒ 

Envies colourful memories

Of you and me

And our two cats

Whose tails I would grab.

Today as I think of you

And feed my dog, newspaper

While reading the growing ice

In the refrigerator,

I smile at the curtains around my waist

And how you righted

My once topsy-turvy world.


11 thoughts on “PS: I love you

  1. I have almost memorized this beautiful piece of poetry that you gifted us with…. but, isn't it too long since you wrote something again? Please write again…

    — Paramita

  2. Dear B,
    Thank you. Coming from you, it is one mighty compliment! πŸ™‚

    Dear Anon-P,
    You are sweet. No, you really are. πŸ™‚ I have been writing but mostly on Twitter. I will certainly write something here as well. Been way too busy to do some serious meaty writing, and then the stock markets weren't good and the neighbour's dog ate my cat so we… you know! πŸ˜€ Stories apart, will surely write. Thanks for being there…

  3. I am so sorry, wouldn't come here sooner. The hiatus from blogging is only a dormant volcano which will erupt anytime soon, I hope? – I mean of course yours ;-).

    The most beautiful poem ever. Every line brings tears to the l every time it is read – the newspaper well fed and the growing ice well read, and the curtains well waist-wound are vintage Eroteme. Do not neglect this blog please. In a world of the mundane, shines the light through your ineffably lovely writings.

    – Parvati

    1. Dear Parvati,

      While reading the poem, like someone said, it only gave goosebumps. But my eyes welled up reading your comment!

      Praying you are safe and sound!! ❀

  4. Dear S,
    Oh my god! It has indeed been such a long time. Hope all is well with you. I wondered what happened to you. Welcome back. πŸ™‚ I am glad you liked this piece.

    Dear Anon-P,
    Thank you for your generous words. Yes, I hope that I find that zest to return to long writing. Twitter seems to have seduced me away from here. πŸ™‚ Will be back, for the sake of this blog, and you and Paramita. πŸ™‚

  5. This was abstractly beautiful. The words flowed and yet kept their individuality. I like it here.
    BTW could not post a comment here using my google account or my openId. Had to resort to being anon.


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