A meal well done

I couldn’t help this. Had my meal been just a stomach-filler, I wouldn’t have bothered. Yesterday’s lunch (and there remains nothing of it, beside satiation) was divine (come on! you can trust me be to be as critical as I would be of your meal). It was so good that that was all I had throughout the day!! 🙂 Here is a picture of what once was the sight of it.

The wheel of life...


14 thoughts on “A meal well done

  1. Looks divine as well! I wonder when people will learn to share * wistful look *Hehe, have fun.. eat, drink and be merry :)www

  2. did you cook that yourself … looks scrumptious but can one ask what it is … or am i just going to have to invite myself over for a taste 🙂

  3. Dear P,😀 I could pack a portion and send it over or you could get your man to learn how to cook!!! ;-p Dear S,Yup. 😀 It is pasta cooked in red sauce (if you look at the bottom, you will find a conchiglie peeping out) and you are invited to come over and have a taste (just a taste ;-).

  4. Dear M, One piece of babycorn!? 😉Dear M,🙂Dear P,Recipe? I had put up one recipe a long while ago (the days when you were absconding! ;-). How are you?Dear M,Welcome to this blog. I loved the taste though I am sure it might have fallen short of the expert cooking! 😦

  5. Hi! Eroteme!Clicked to see the whole divinity of it!Actually made a mistake checking your Salon at this hour.Am so hungry after seeing this 😦at 1.20 a.m.So next time will you please send a portion [virtually]?Thanks in advance (*_*) UmaLemme see if last night’s dessert from my refrigerator can do any justice…

  6. Dear Anon-U,I sent you the whole meal, virtually! 😉Dear L,You would come all the way here for this meal!? 😀 Anyway, your kitchen is better than mine, so I’ll come over and prepare this for you!! 😉 BTW, I charge on the minute!!! 😀 ‘Tis a pity that you pick this post for your rare comment! 😦Dear P,🙂

  7. delicious! this looks just so tempting.. pasta with baby corn.. 🙂well done with the presentation.. a couple of parsely sprigs would have.. just being a helpful critique.. 😛

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