Dil Ke Armaan

I can’t help it!! I am this excited kid in the shop called YouTube! 😀 I am discovering stuff which I was connected to indirectly since my childhood (like this song. Don’t remember ever seeing it though I recollect seeing Dil ki ye aarzoo). This song is a very haunting and a beautifully sung one (in that lovely nasal tone of Salma Agha). Man, I would love to know a Pathan woman (I do, but no harm asking for more) in real life.

I am providing the translation herewith:

ch [The yearnings of this heart have become tears that flow.
Though loyal I’ve been, loneliness is all I shall ever know.]

Life has come to be an unquenchable thirst
The tales of love remain incompletely versed.


Perhaps this might be the final torment he metes me.
Thus I received each [suffering] and bear such a life’s lee.



5 thoughts on “Dil Ke Armaan

  1. Hi! Eroteme!Yes, a very different singer.Thanks for sharing it here…have to go and watch it 🙂A tad bit of melancholy ..but that’s what makes them Ghazals, right?Love some other songs from Nikaah…Faza bhi hai Jawan…and singer Ghulam Ali’s – chupke chupke raat din.Just sharing…I better stop here, Looks like I missed out on a couple of posts again. (*_*) Uma

  2. I read an old interview of the Music Director Ravi Shankar Sharma a month back when i was searching for a song in the movie Waqt “aye meri zohra jabeen” and thats when came to know that he was the composer for the movie Nikah. Excellent lyrics but the voice adds to the beauty of it,Strange how this lady who is related to Rajkapoor {i read it on some site,No idea if its true} never took a right step in either the acting or singing and just lost to the time,Last heard she is now into ghazals.And do you know that Ravi is the music director for the ever beautiful songs like “jab chali tandi hawa or this…” milthi hain zindagi mein mohabbat kabhi kabhi” or “aaj mere yaar ki shadi hain” and now he is composing music for malayali films i read:)And he is one composer who sets the tunes for the lyrics and not the other way round.And he composed 18 different tunes for this song but none of them matched her voice and he wanted Ashaji to sing the song but B R Chopra intervened and he made changes so that it suits Salma’s voice.

  3. #The lyrics in urdu of course are simply wonderful. I love them.#As for the translation, it is pure and scintillating like fresh spring water on a sunny noon. #The singer captivates, though her singing is sort of flat like Mukesh’s plateau, and her voice nasal, as you say.#Always Neelu’s sidelights on anything to do with urdu or hindi music or lyrics enlighten and interest me a lot, whether here as a rare commenter, or in her own blog. Thanks to her too!All in all, enjoyed it to a surfeit.

  4. Dear N,Thanks a tonne for the inside info. God alone knows where you get all this stuff!! But your love for Hindi music is rarely matched… 🙂 Thanks a tonne.Dear P,Glad you liked this post… 🙂

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