I enjoyed this

I have sinned, and I am now going to make it scaldingly terrible by sharing it with you. Suffer my shameless confession. It is not often that I get to do this and – a sinner am I – enjoy it. Rarely would you find a man on his knees baring the thoughts that course his humane mind; rarer still a man who enjoys it not in vanity – for what vanity doth one find in a beauty, chattel to none? – but in the helplessness of his impassioned self in the presence of something which horripilates my entire being. I read this with my soul and couldn’t help but smile. Shall we feast on it together?

A post which I admired too much, today.

6 thoughts on “I enjoyed this

  1. One of your best posts yet! – have always savoured your God-Devil conversations immensely, and hence missed them too as much. When is the next one afoot?# For that matter, when do you intend veering away from flashbacks and replays, in order to offer us piping hot delectable new fare here, in your valuable blog? It’s time, isn’t it, for more zen koans, more stories, more of this and more of that?

  2. Dear P,I am not sure when the next one will walk into this blog. The door is left ajar, nevertheless… πŸ™‚Isn’t all writing verily a flashback and a recollection, if not of anything else than the alphabet learnt one bright day in Spring? So, when all writing be thus, what impudence shall I command to do otherwise? More and more of all that delights you shall come, but when? I know not…

  3. ..And in walked good ol’ Munmun inside the world which gives her relief and fresh oxygen at the end of each day.. ‘Love is a load of shit’,eh Eroteme? When all I believe am left to beleive day after day is that no one can possibly understand it better than you. I am so happy I bumped into your blog one fine wintry morning.

  4. Dear M,I am glad you walked in too… πŸ™‚ Dear A,How have you been? Where on earth have you been? Hope things are good at your end…Faust? Not really. I hope not. Zee German spirit might not be my favourite choice!! πŸ˜€

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