World’s Kitchen

“A poem shall blossom anywhere
Like love in a leper’s heart.
Seek not a venue for Muse to bare”
So said those who don’t impart.

How can this world’s incessant woes
Trip you on your journey there?
If wings you have, push from your toes
And soar through magical air.

I listened hard and believed deepBeing pigheaded about life
For naivete is a poet’s soul.
This world was painted bright anew –
In words I lost my wordless hold.

So here I face the furnace blaze
With diced carrots on a basket’s bow-
A knife’s flat in fiery display
Mute players of a futile crambo.

For what ballad shall tilt my quill
In this cthonic culinary lair?
Oh! Pit me not with mettle’s fill
I am a man, in a commoner’s wear.

Pray tell me, how shall I mould
An elegy or a lament’s tear
Midst rotting parsley on fish, cold
Tubers’ effrontery on fire’s smear?

With a wounded quill, I rush away
Skipping a step up and out.
From one to another I foray
Driven by a jejune knout.

“All the world’s a grand cookhouse
With fires stoked in watery basins.
A soulless meal that all espouse –
Made and fed while life sickens.”

So said He, and turned to stuff
A fresh apple in a swine’s snout.
I for my part, know ’tis enough
To live life without soul’s grout.

6 thoughts on “World’s Kitchen

  1. # Okaaaaay – A very curious poem. Nice rhyme. But I did not like it at all, because of the commonness of content I suppose. But hey, if this is the context of your life, what can you do but move where your clear and present inspiration drives you and write thus, especially since you want to live life without the soul’s grout.# As a nonsequitur, Cthonic and jejune and grout and knout bring back delightful memories of soaking in the beauty of learning new words and their meanings….

  2. On second reading it improves considerably – the second stanza is lovely, as are the others too, given that you have decided on the theme of the poem beforehand.It is a good poem, but though supposed to be humorous, did not raise a laugh in me—–maybe in my dottiness and senility I am losing the capacity to laugh :-D.Carry on writing. I have started believing nowadays, that even if you do try very hard, you cannot but write well…to say the least.

  3. Got a very ‘ENGLISH’ (as from England) feel!! Like ‘Lord Ullins’ Daughter’ kind of rhyme.. A soulless meal…. life sickens’ This verse definately caught my attention!! The ‘He’ in the last verse referes to?

  4. Dear P,Hahahaha… that was a pretty quick transition. Glad that it eventually appealed to you, though I will bear in mind that at first glance it wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t meant to be humourous at all. I wonder why you felt so. Oh! I can write bad too. Please don’t dare me to it!!! 😉Dear S,Glad you liked it. 🙂Dear M,Long time, milady. How are you? Quite English, eh!? 😉 Glad that there are portions that interest you. The “He” would be a wise cook. 🙂 Though I would recommend a slightly boiled apple rather than a fresh apple to pry open a pig’s snout, I am sure He knows better!! 😀

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