This is my nephew trying to clean his ears. The best thing about him is that he is stupid to the core (stupid in the dear sorta way). He had this earbud plugged into his ear and he was walking around. Much to my sister’s delight I must confess that he is as weird as I am. So I see this little nut walking around with a erabud hanging out of his ear and I asked him “V what do you want me to do? Should I hang my handkerchief there!?” He gave me this sheepish grin and went to sit on his Pooh chair while watching my mom do her puja. Suddenly, he decided to operate it and that is when I shot this!!!


2 thoughts on “Plug-in

  1. I think that what you must have had as a subjective experience when you clicked these photos make these them very dear to you. Your nephew is cute but the photo doesnt show much…As photos I like the Brahma one better – the interesting juxtaposition of the three synthetic heads of Brahma as against the eminently real and pretty face and figure of the heavenly maiden next to him, and the rawness of the temple building as the context, makes it quite a photo of real life.

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