Why leave me alone?

I wonder why
I confuse names
But never yours
With another face
Or another voice
Or another smile.

I wonder why
I still wish to hear
You laugh at me
And call me cute.
Pity me and my world
Scold my tormentors
Shoo away the black crows
Of destiny that
Mingle with my shadow.

I wonder why
Your approval matters
Why I still seek
Your “ok” even after
A hundred “go ahead”.
Teach me the magic of
Infusing power and hope
With a bi-syllable.

I wonder why
I feel empty without you
And every dream
Has you at the end
Or at the beginning
If it were a nightmare.
Let me curl up to you.
Be my pillow for this
Lifetime’s sleepy travels.

I wonder why
All that you give me
Can be counted
On several fingers
But what I have to give
Doesn’t have me unfolding
A single finger.
But my hands are
Firmly holding you
In my heart
And I wouldn’t
Move a finger for the
Banal purpose of counting.

I wonder why
You never get to hear
My heart call out
Your name
Before and after mine.
And then just keep
Calling out yours,
For mine is lost in there

I wonder why
You will never know
That I keep
Wondering about
The silliest things
In our life
And imagine how beautiful
It would be
Every single day
Only if you had stayed on
To hear me tell you that…

I wonder why
Like a lonely boat
I buoy to the
Painful thump
Of your departing feet.


12 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Sincere and hence beautiful. # Just out of curiosity, what made her/him leave, and why wasn’t heaven made into earth and earth heaven to stop her/him? You have this uncanny ability to make all your posts, fiction or real, even when they are about the gods and the devils, sound as tangible and a realtime happening one as my breakfast – this poem is no exception; moves me as though my heart too is broken besides the protagonist’s and his beloved’s who has left him…

  2. Reminds me of something:“One may have a blazing hearth in one’s soul and yet no one ever come to sit by it. Passersby see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on the way.”– Van Gogh

  3. Dear All,Glad you like it. đŸ™‚Dear P,What made one leave the other? Will we ever know!? đŸ˜€ Dear Anon-1,I remember that quote – very nice one.

  4. I just loved the poem so much. I keep coming back to it everyday.. Here is something just for Eroteme:<>“For every petal you pluck, you are granted one measure of love. For every rainbow you find with two ends, I wish two stars from above. For every tear that you brush from a cheek, I promise you kindness will follow wherever you walk: under rainbows or stars, over daisies or down lonely hollows. For every person you talk to, I grant you one heart full of laughter. <> For every smile you place on a face, I promise you peace ever after.. If you think I am giving you priceless gifts, look closely at yourself and at your deeds.. <> “<> God bless you. May you get all that you want from life..Anon-1

  5. Hi Eroteme !Was moved by this poem of your’s.The image is so apt [ esp in B&W].Thanks for sharing…(*_*) Uma

  6. Btw …liked what you said here:I wonder whyAll that you give meCan be countedOn several fingersBut what I have to giveDoesn’t have me unfoldingA single finger.Thanks,Uma

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