OmThis was a drawing I made when I was in a class. I was thoroughly bored and didn’t know what to do. So I created a picture of the Divine light and Divine inspiration blending into one. The alert reader would observe that the entire sketch is but a single line from left to right.

Look deep within

This is just a technical beauty. The whole picture is 2D but just by skewing some portions and applying some filters, I was able to create this image of a transparent bauble on a bent mat.

My private worldThis is a design of a bookshelf I wished to make. It will probably remain a wish. The upper half of the picture shows the shelf as it would appear if you were standing in front of it with the flanks separated for clarity into the construction. The curved portion at the bottom of this view is where one could lie supine (though curved) and read a book. There would be light fixtures and another gadget (whose design is in a notebook) to hold the book for you in case you wish to keep your hands free. This would lower itself from the plank above. The slots in the left hand side of the “mountain” (and this is where your knees and calf muscles would relax) are for keeping books. Both the flanks are for books while the portion just above where you would lie down is for a computer. The bottom half of the image above is the top view (with the flanks brough back into place). This completes the world in which I would love to spend most of my waking day. Books, computer, place to read and rest… what more does a man need!!?

Given that I have lost a lot with my computer crashing, my sudden whim to put these three pictures up should not appear vague. These were images created at 3 different stages in my life and it is only my imagination that would give them a personality to reflect my state of mind (I am glad that as they stand, there is no correlation between my life and what I enjoy doing).


3 thoughts on “Images

  1. The first drawing is great. Not just for the fact that it is a single line from left to right, but because the image of the veena and the partial sun, especially in an inclination evokes in me a spiritual calm and stillness along with very good energy and vibrations too. But then its cause is your intent to combine Divine Inspiration and Divine Light – we cannot expect anything less from such a first source power..The second one is a smile. Nice.The third one is of course original. But I prefer reading while lying in bed, or slouching in bed, lounging in bed or sitting up in bed with a lot of light behind me to fall on my book. Yours is for less laziness-inundated mortals unlike me.

  2. Dear S,Glad you found them so. I was traveling when you asked the question…Dear P,Glad you liked them. The 3rd one does have a place for slouching in a rather well-defined way… 😉

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