To those who asked and to all those who didn’t bother to, I am still alive, though I can’t say the same about my net connection. Repeated moving and change of location has left me with several computers but no connection to the Internet. No, I didn’t get a proxy to type this out. I managed to find a net-cafe. 

So I have been busy and mobile and been doing a lot of fun things which I couldn’t for several months before. But all of that has taken a toll on my writing and reading. I’ll be back. I have a good number of pictures from a recent trip, I have stories to tell, I have adopted 3 kids (see? Already started with the stories), I have been invited by an army subhedar to his village in Punjab-uh (you never go to Punjab; it is always Punjab-uh), a pretty young girl preparing to be an air-hostess led me into the mountains (and I dutifully followed her), a man found pleasure in oiling me up, I have had my derriere freeze and chip off everytime I bumped into someone, another girl is planning to take me into the Amazon forests, I won a dinner for my team, I hiked 13 steep kilometers, I met a girl who is proud to be from Khajuraho (when she told me, I laughed and then had to sheepishly give another explanation), I had a horse wallop me between my legs and I think all I will ever father is jellyfish (not as a punishment for having laughed), I broke a fast, I disappointed a girl by telling her that all I had for dinner was bread and cheese (it seems she calls me to ask me about my dinner and gets a kick out of the elaborate spread that I describe) and a lot lot more has happened in my life. Yeah, all good things (or so I keep telling those around me).

So stay tuned (I know, I am talking just to myself) for a few posts, poems, pictures, piranhas (I had to say something starting with “P”!).


One thought on “Why-oh-Why

  1. 😀
    Can lesser mortals like us claim that we even “live”, when we read your variegated adventures with such interesting companions, in even more absorbing milieus and unpredictable contexts!

    Enjoy!…And we shall wait for any tittle of vicarious pleasures that may be thrown our way, through your generosity in the virtual world. 🙂

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