A Tour Through Himalaya

Actually, it wasn’t what people ordinarily think of in a tour through the Himalayas. Nope, no crunching on snow, now goggles to protect me from the reflecting ice, no slipping on glaciers, no Yeti (or her husband, the Yet), no frozen fingers breaking in brittle painless pieces (but I assure you my derriere was nearly there before I jumped into the Taptkund in Badrinath) and no Shangri-la experience. Of course, I will detail all the fun I had in later posts. Till then, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Do let me know which ones you liked and I might send you a framed copy of it! 🙂


10 thoughts on “A Tour Through Himalaya

  1. Beautiful, brilliant, breathtaking and a sheer treasure chest of loveliness are these extremely well-taken photographs!

    My intention to maybe list out those that I did not care much for fell flat, when I realized that that list is an empty set, and each and every one of them is a sampoornam of its subject, context and your unique eye that perceives and sees and captures what it indeed has so superlatively well.

    I liked the various photos of the wooden doors and planks and the humble homes of the mountain people because they are a great instance of man-made simplicity of wabi-sabi.

    Other than that my most favourite is the penultimat one on page 3 which is the 59th of the 94 images. It is not anything remarkable nor exemplary maybe photographically, but I can spend hours just looking at the bubbling waters.

    The first image of a little bird taking off is quite spiritual in its effect.

    Every single photograph beyond these two is great, special, the mountains with varying shades of sunlight, shadow and green glorious, the flora and the greenery and all of nature perfect not to forget the speaking simplicity of the indigenous people. The grey haired solitary woman by the river inspires.

    I could go on and on. But suffice it to say that it was a highly satisfying and exhilarating experience for me to look at these particular set of photographs. They compel me to share them happily with all my friends and family. Thank you and hoping for many more of such work…

  2. Furthermore, I would suggest that each photo carry a name to it and also a story if any as to why, when, how, where of your being inspired to create it. That would really enhance the experience of the viewer of the photos/reader of your blog.

  3. I have been reading your blog for quite some time. You write really well.
    I want to suggest something here. The theme you are currently using a bit harsh on the eyes.Previous one was good. If you can change to something sober it would be great. This is my personal opinion not sure whether other readers feel it to be harsh on eyes or not.

  4. Dear K,
    Glad you liked it. I remember our trip of last year. Man, you should have been here this time too… 🙂

    Dear P,
    Thank you for the kind words. I am shocked and stunned to know that someone is even aware of wabi-sabi!! I thought that was something I could expect only from the Japanese (you Japanese?). Glad you liked pic0060 (which is 59th in the list). I think I will change my profile image to the 1st pic. I am truly lucky to have got that shot!
    I could have added my comments/info but thought it would be best to let the pictures speak for themselves… 🙂

    Dear P(2),
    That is a sweet way of putting it – world through my eyes! I am glad they held your attention. Stories!? Would love to hear them… 🙂

    Dear Anon,
    Thank you for your kind words. I suppose a few other readers too expressed their pain in having to bear this colour theme. I might change to softer colours, but till then I hope the content overrides the discomfort. BTW, a name would be welcome… Preferably, yours! 😀

  5. wow.. how wonderful. You make me very jealous to get to see only the pictures while u seem to have a lot of fun. I am partial to the black and white ones, but the wooden door and the brick walls are great!! :-))

  6. # Yeah. Right – Wabi Sabi is known only to the Japanese?! By that token, reflecting your question to me,”E,you Japanese?”

    # Splendid thought to want to change your profile image to the first photo of a bird taking off! Looking forward to actually seeing it done.

    # I don't think your writing out the history of each photo is connected in any way to the reader's threading a story for himself from the picture.

    What you have to say about the photographs would have added to the simplicity of what they capture of nature and people, and enriched them and not taken away anything from them.

    Your narration for each photo would have as in so many of your other posts, revealed to us another strand of your personality, and more importantly, it also would have educated us on the life and ways of the people and the harshness of the landscape and of course their effect on you, that ultimately led you create that photograph.

    Or of course, you may also say that a photo was just there, with no before or after story to it…

    …and so on and so forth…

  7. Somehow I forgot that I had received comments for this post! I also forget a lot of things, so it seems like a case of senile decay… 🙂

    Dear M,
    Had you been here I would have coaxed you to join in on the trip. I am glad you like the B&W ones.

    Dear P,
    I am Japanese. I thought everyone knew that, though the select few know more! 😉 I think it is too late to add text to this collection. Secondly, I wasn't sure how I could do it without putting it as separate text (which would mean scrolling up and down because you know how I tend to write long paragraphs and there are 94+ pics) or as text on each picture, which would ruin the picture and also take too much time for me. So I think I will add the info later… Somehow!

    Dear J,
    Welcome to this blog. Glad you found them so and may you wonderful travels of your own, too! 🙂

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