Alvibest Part Deux

I think it is high time Alvibest came back. A few others agree. Most others go, “Alvibest? What’s that?”. I have none to blame other than myself. Its like having a child and keeping her away from her grandparents long enough to make them forget they had a grandchild. I know, I am blabbering, but it helps to blabber at times. Blabber, don’t blabber; noodles, don’t noodles… 🙂

So Alvibest will be back shortly. The periodicity might change. Or not. The content will be new (there’s no “Or not” to that statement). Anyone who reads this and feels that they should contribute, should refer to the flier above. If you know some friend of yours who might like to contribute, you still need to refer to the flier above. For those who weren’t part of the history of Alvibest, those little squares in the flier were the cover pages of some of the earlier issues of Alvibest. Sniff. I know, it is such an emotional moment! Sniff! 😀


2 thoughts on “Alvibest Part Deux

  1. Congratulations on gathering the energy and the enthusiasm to create the next issue of Alvibest!

    A pity that mundane factors thwart not the continuation of mundane elements of mundane living, but with an unwarranted fervour and efficacious speed stall and break the emergence and creation of beautiful and great literature, art on this poor Earth…

    I do hope that never again is such a deplorable hiatus imposed on the publishing of regular issues of Alvibest.

    As Quick Gun Murugan would warn : MIND IT!

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